Last Day of April

 Take down the colored basketsand sparkling grass, herd the bunniesand chicks into safe shelter.The painted eggs are past hatching,hope is renewed enoughto sustain us another year. ...more

The Westside Fanatics 4-H Club Bench


What I Didn't Want When I Was Twelve

Retinal Exploration


These Kids Today

But It Still Serves

I need a cross-body bagthat resembles my body: comfortable,expandable, wide at the bottom,and more functional than fashionable.I need a bodythat resembles a good cross-body bag:dependable, low-cost, soundly constructed,with a lean profileand an all-weather surface.What I have is clunky, scuffed, and scarred,tiring to haul around and wornto the point of exhaustion....more

My Picture, Four Years Old

   I have no memory of posing for the photographer,but I recognize that facefrom the mirror my mother held up to me.I never thought about being pretty,but I knew who I...more
Hello there, Nancy! What a great post. That photo takes me back. And what a nice bit of quilt ...more

Passing the Crisis

The Walt Whitman Souvenir Spoon

There are several spoons for Longfellow; how about Whitman?...more

The Pie Judges