They Don't Pay Me Enough

There is no other way to say it. International airline travel sucks. Two flights each way....more

How 'bout That Election?

I'm a mail voter, so my ballot bumped around the house and my purse for a few weeks while I pondered my selections....more

Time to Start Planning the Next One

Mom and Dad I don't mind staying in three different hotels on one vacation because it makes the vacation seem that much longer....more

North Shore Wedding

So the short version, is that Hawaii was awesome....more

My Battle with Insomnia


9 First Date Don'ts

Anyone else watching Married at First Sight?...more

How to Kill a Blog

How to kill a blog....more

When Your Husband Gets His Own Apartment

It's a bit unsettling when you find out that your husband is getting his own apartment....more

No Diet Plan Can Save You

Now that the Olympics is over, I guess I have to blog about something else....more


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