No Holiday Party For You

We didn't go to the holiday party this year. I'm still not sure how I feel about this although I guess I'm okay with it considering I gave up my campaign to go on Wednesday....more

Empty Fridge and Mutant Carrots

It's time for a confessions post.I confess that we have a missing TV remote that we have both stopped looking for....more

Wicked Good Date and a Wicked Bad One

When we were in New York we were interested in seeing Wicked but saw Kinky Boots instead so when Wicked came to town for eight weeks we were all over it....more

Thanksgiving in a Box

That whole cooking thing. Well, we decided not to do that this year. My parents house is a disaster....more

From Diapers to Double Dates

My parents are retired now and California is expensive so they started house hunting in August....more

Walking Dead // Just Wondering

Is there anyone else still completely obsessed with The Walking Dead?...more

Roller Coaster Ride

Writing a novel is such a freaking roller coaster ride and I don't even like roller coasters all that much anymore....more

Non Halloween Post

Greetings from Costa Rica It was another uneventful Halloween for us....more

Making Money Off Credit Cards

My last few posts have focused on things I suck at which include but are not limited to driving, cooking and even taking a bath....more

Woman Driver Mishap

Last week was so excruciatingly awfully slow that I thought it would never end and this week flew by....more