The Catch

If you follow me on Instagram I'm sure you are dying to know about this pic....more

Romping Around

Target // Mossimo We had a wild night on Friday bar hopping in Ocean Beach to celebrate a friend's birthday, which was really refreshing because I thought I'd aged out of Ocean Beach and Pacific Beach....more

The Fierce Five-Where Are They Now?

The gymnastics world is all a buzz because the road to Rio has officially begun with the 2015 US Secret Classic and continues with USA Nationals this weekend....more

On Vacation With Our Moms

The last two days of our vacation featured a beach day at the gorgeous Hanalei Bay and a pool day at our hotel....more

Warning: Hazardous Cliff

Warning: Hazardous Cliff! The ground may break off without warning and you could be seriously injured or killed. Stay back from the edge ....more

Just Beachy

The retired mothers are used to sleeping in, but us working stiffs have internal clocks that naturally set to earlier so we were usually up before them....more

Gone Biking

Anything and everything you do in Kauai is taken up a notch just because of the amazing view and even when you can't see the view everything is just better because you are there....more

Totally Worth the Early Morning Wake Up

Port Allen and our chariot for the day The first thing you have to know about Hawaii is that the weather is perfect....more

I'm Back-Sort Of

Would it be dramatic to say that waking up at 6:22am, putting on actual clothes and shoes, driving to work under a cloudy sky and sitting at my desk listening to traffic whiz by on the freeway outside my window while eating bread and peanut butter feels like a bad dream?...more

What I've Been Up To

Recently I've been...Working out almost every day....more