Ask Kathleen: Flexible Job Schedules for Boomers–and Employers

Baby Boomers, those Americans born between 1940 and 1960, make up about 50% of the US population. They represent a significant part of the American labor force. These men and women are not ready to stop working and they are set to change the definition of “retirement”. Dear Kathleen, What will happen when the Baby Boomer generation retires? Who can replace them? – CEO Dear CEO, ...more

New Online Employment Site Meets Growing Demand for Flextime Professional Jobs

Flexible work hour arrangements are becoming an increasingly popular employee-employer agreement. Flextime allows an employee to select personalized working hours, often drifting from the typical Monday through Friday routine. As an increasing portion of America’s employers and employees are realizing flextime’s benefits, the alternative work arrangement is gaining popularity. ...more

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