Holiday Fruitcake Recipe

Holiday Fruitcake Recipe1 Cup water1 Cup sugar4 large eggs2 Cups dried fruit1 tsp. baking soda1 tsp. salt1 Cup sugarlemon juicenuts1 bottle WhiskeySample the whiskey to check for quality.  Take a large bowl. Check whiskey again to be sure it's of the highest quality.Pour 1 level shot and drink well.Repeat.  Turn on the electric mixer.Beat 1 cup butter in a large fluffy bowl.Add 1 tsp. sugar and beat again.Make sure the whiskey is still okay.Try another shot.Turn off the mixer....more
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Black Friday Shopping!

Black FridayKnee pads are ready, go on slap my cheek. I’ve been practicing lunges all week. Circling fliers, squealing tires These crowds are not for the meek. I won't quit my day job, I promise!  For more nonsense by neekswrite please click here!...more
I LOVED this one, Monique, and I can't believe I missed it. Sorry! ~Virginiamore

Going to the Chapel and We're Gonna Get Ma-a-aried

         Serendipity, Renaissance, Monique...more
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Forever Fliers

Zinfandel, Couple, Owl.He sees her and time stops.  Unconsciously he preens, puffing up his chest, as young men everywhere will do.  She is lovely, bright and showy, done up with red and white.   She’s hard to miss.  He reacts immediately and is quick to go to her side.  They meet for the first time in a meadow on Martha‘s Vineyard and their spring romance is a sweet one.She finds him intense and powerful.  ...more
I love how you portrayed the owls, just as I've always read about them, strong and loving ...more

Eyeball Soup Anyone?

Doll, stars, blind.Carmine was casing the house he planned to hit next.  It might sound cliché but it was necessary if you intended to do a job and get away clean.  So far everything he had seen pointed to an incredibly easy robbery.  The woman who lived here (alone no less) was blind.  Cut the phone lines and it couldn’t get any easier than this.  She would have no way to call for help.  This was going to be obnoxiously easy and if there’s anything Carmine liked, it was a smooth job.  He had done his homework....more
I'll take a double serving of your eyeball soup, Monique! Loved, loved your story.more

Just Rewards

Monocle, Owl, LampLinz, Austria.  April 30, 1945.A man moved casually down a dark alley, unafraid of the dense fog and dark shadows.  Seen only from behind he was any old Joe; any man with an overcoat and hat, collar up against the cold winter night.  He stopped in front of a doorway, checked the address against a paper in his hand and knocked....more
Horror affects everybody different, and I really liked this one. But oh-well. I will be coming ...more

The Great Inditionater

Bam!  Whizzle whizz splat!  Keen heard the noises and saw the great machine shake and shudder.  Broken pieces came out on the conveyor belt. He scooped them all up and threw them into the recycle bin.  Unfinished pieces could be tossed out, but completed works would have to be kept whether they made sense or not.  Keen had to do something, tell someone fast!  He ran to the telephone to call maintenance. ...more
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Spifflepants BittyNoggin Gets a Job

Zombie, Pineapple, Octopus.Once upon a time, at the bottom of the sea, in a place called Bermuda ShortsPocket there lived a young sea urchin named Spifflepants BittyNoggin.  He lived in a Pineapple (what, you believe that?  He’s a sea urchin.  He lives on a rock!) and his best friend was an octopus named Duffy (who lives in a crevice between the rocks)....more
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flamingo, knight, loupe.Carolina Hayes pulled her feathered, electrified and bedazzled headdress off and put it on a shelf in the back of the dressing room.  Jessica Martin and Arlene Treanor were nearby, doing the same.  They all sat and took off their strappy sandals with the 4 inch heels... For the rest of this story and more by neekswrite, please click here!...more
Your writing and story creating skills are just amazing, Monique. I am a fan! ~Virginiamore

Creepy Crawly Shivery Things!

Troll, Faerie, Magical. In the darkest woods you might be chased By a fey little man with an elfin face, who crept beside you and kept apace till he decided or not to give you his grace.For the rest of the poem including a reading by the author click here!...more
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