What Mr Clean Can Teach You About Business

I can vividly remember watching the commercials for Mr. Clean when I was growing up.  Just thinking about him I can hear the jingle in my head!The company did a fabulous job of making Mr. Clean real to us.Mr Cleans first commercial debuted in 1958.   Within 6 months it became the best selling household cleaner on the market.I grew up watching his commercials and so did my daughter. Talk about longevity for a product!...more

What can YouTube do for you?

As I was discussing some marketing strategies with a client  I realized that we are going into month 7 of 2013!Where has the year gone.  You may have missed the fact that YouTube turned 8 in May.YouTube first launched in 2005.  Since that time video has continued to grow in popularity....more

Three Mistakes Bloggers Make

3 Mistakes Bloggers MakeTo understand the mistakes we have to reverse engineer things.Why is it you blog?Is it because you don’t care about people commenting?  Do you blog and not hope people read what you have to say?  Do you blog because you are bored?  Do you blog hoping the search engines won’t find you?I would venture to say you’d answer no to all the above questions....more

5 Lessons On Customer Service

The other day we took our car to the dealership to be serviced. That alone should make you cringe right?From the moment we got there we were greeted by a nice young man who couldn’t be more helpful.When we told him the issues with the car he wrote them all down so they could be addressed.  He then apologized for the fact that we’d have to wait X amount of time....more

Twitter followers can win BIG!

Twitter followers can win big.....Recently I was watching the show Let’s Make A Deal.  The host Wayne Brady tells you all the time to follow them on twitter.Today he walked up to a woman and asked her for a glue stick.  Excitedly she dug through her bag and found it!This young woman followed the show on twitter and because of that she received $500!!...more

10 Facts You Should Know About Blogging

10 Blogging Facts You Need To Know...more

Starting Your Own Business

It has never been more exciting to me a woman entrepreneur.  When I started my first business over 27 years ago the internet was not widely available. Information didn't flow freely as it does today.The interesting thing is that even with the ability to seek out this information many don't know exactly how to use this wonderful tool so that it benefits it them fully.   Did you know that women have been starting businesses at a higher rate then men for over 20 years!  That's girl power if you ask me....more