Did I Give Up Everything Wonderful and Pretty to Become a Mom?

A birth control commercial currently showing on tv depicts a handful of young, attractive women entering what appears to be a store of dreams. Everything is in miniature – here is a beautiful house, there is a trip to Paris. Two women even grab for the same good-looking guy. But when a stork carrying a little bundle of joy approaches one of the women, she shoos it away, quickening her step to avoid impending motherhood. Honestly, I think I see just the slightest wave of terror cross her face. ...more
Great post!  My favorite line, "this motherhood thing- it's not easy -it's a fine balance ...more

(Video) My Thoughts on Being a Fat Woman at the Gym

Haven't been to the gym in a while because you feel insecure about how you look? Here's where I tell you what I think about that. ...more

I have to say that I just started going back to the gym after not going for around a year. I am ...more