Contesting Monday 6/1

I can’t believe we are already to June! Birthday season kicks off in this house for the kids in only 10 days! So crazy....more

Contesting Monday 5/25

How are you all doing this week? I am in Beijing (or actually, almost to Beijing) to cover Lenovo’s Tech World event. I hope you all have a fabulous week!...more

Minecraft Engineering: Minecarts and Rails

Today I’m going to talk about minecarts and rails. First lets start with the minecarts the only automated way to travel in Minecraft. There are many different kinds of minecarts and rails ....more

Contesting Monday 5/18

Have some great giveaways going on over at your site? Want to enter some fabulous giveaways and win great stuff? Either way, that makes this the place for you! ...more

Contesting Monday: Better Late Than Never

Sorry Contesting Monday is a little late this week. We got home about 1am from Disney World and Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. My entire family is happy but so worn out! ...more

Contesting Monday 5/4

We have landed in Disney World! I hope that the rest of you have a great week too! And that week might get better by winning something cool....more

The Minecraft Nether, The Freaky Dimesion

The Minecraft Nether is the monster dimension. Some people describe it as ...more

Contesting Monday 4/27

Are you ready to take on another crazy week? Hopefully you all are avoiding the stomach bug that has hit our house! Maybe winning something would make it better;)....more

Minecraft: Zombies and Creepers and Spiders Oh My

This is about the Overworld’s monsters in Minecraft. All monsters drop stuff that can help you from string to gun powder 1) The Creeper: The creeper has become unofficial face of Minecraft but he isn’t a big deal if you know how to deal with him. The scary thing about the creeper is that he blows up but if you just back away after you hit him he will start over his countdown till he blows up ....more

Contesting Monday 4/20

Are you ready to take on another crazy week? Lets start it off with some great giveaways! Make sure you pop over and enter the...more