Animal Chatter

There have been so many thoughts going through my head that I've had trouble publishing a blog post. My heart is grieving with the whole Gosnell case.  My heart hurts for Boston.  There are so many things going on at home to talk and/or vent about.  My lack of posting every day has nothing to do with a lack of opinions or something to say, but the cause of opinions so strong, and too much to say that I don't ...more

Yarn Along


Little Girls

Oh, sweet Ingrid.  She is so rarely alone ....more

I'm Blessed


Rebirth, Barns, Birds

We are still surrounded by snow.  It is falling still as I type this.  We maintain the hope that spring will eventually come, and with springs comes work.  Lots of work.  Never resting type of work.  In addition to planting literally thousands of acres this spring, Knut and his cousin have another project in the works. ...more

Yarn Along


I'm Blessed x 1000

This is my one thousandth blog post.  I think that is kind of fun.  I remember starting it as a means of sharing my kids and events with my family that is split by miles.  Then it turned into a space to share my thoughts and share my crafting projects ....more

Forcing Spring

The temperature is rising above 30 degrees around here, so that must mean Spring is upon us.  The kids love this "outdoor" sort of weather, and since our driveway has cleared of most of the slush and ice, they wasted no time bringing out the bikes ....more

New Discoveries

I'm venturing deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole of "natural" remedies.  It's actually quite addicting, this feeling good stuff.  Eating real food from a garden?  That's quite addicting.  Just try and you'll have a tough time going back to regular tomatoes.  I don't know if it counts as a "natural" remedy, but certainly drug-free, I have started seeing a chiropractor for the pain in my back that I've been feeling ever since Ingrid was born.  I have gotten massages ...more