The Floods - an update

After yesterday's events I feel it'd be unsensitive to write about anything else today. Genova yesterday was hit by flash floods, rivers which run through the city burst their banks. Streets became torrents. The images are shocking, it's hard to believe something on that scale could happen in the country I'm living in. ...more


I don't think that there are enough words to describe what's been happening in Genoa.  Stay safe everyone....more

British Week

Brits of Italy rejoice, it's British week at Lidl!! ...more

The Floods

I don't watch the news on TV. It wasn't a conscious choice as such, I don't seem to have the TV on when the news is or I'm busy doing something else, and I'm also skeptical about the contents at times - with the media as it is in Italy, it's a question of trust, who do you trust to get your news from? - so I prefer to get my news from other sources; namely the internet and the radio. But unfortunately not watching news reports has worked against me during the last couple of weeks or so....more


Today's All Saints' Day, as with many Catholic holidays it's public holiday in Italy. And when Italy has public holidays generally speaking everywhere's closed. I was amazed this morning to pass three open bars on the way to work, but by the time I got home one of them had closed - even though they had a sign in the window saying they'd be open all day. How very Italian... ...more