Bourbon and Sugar and Mint Leaves, oh my! (Get your julep on.)

Like most Kentucky girls, I have opinions about bourbon....more

The Diary of Lola Bear: Snow Day

Doodle’s Log: March 5, 2015. It snowed last night. I can’t be sure how much, as I lack the thumbs required to utilize a ruler effectively, but the drifts come up to the beagle’s chin ....more

Best in Show

Credit: Andrew Burton/Getty Images [source] Last night at the Westminster Kennel Club’s Best in Show competition, a beagle named Miss P took home the gold. Is that right? Miss P took home the ribbon-y thing that they give to dogs with “wonderful type” and “wonderful head[s].” I am the proud human of a beagle named Miss P, by extension ....more

Checking in. Are we still there? Is everyone ok?

I almost forgot what this place looked like, friends. Truly. Remember that post when I said I wanted to post more because it made me happy? ...more

Walking my girl

My girl. She’s been going through it lately. Well, for a dog, anyway ....more

How to Tell

How to Tell You’re Ovulating: A Medical Reference 1. You watch this video…. And, after bawling for a full five minutes following, decide to watch it again ....more

Forever Unclean: Adventures in the Men’s Room

I’m going to admit something huge here, friends. …I don’t understand the adult human male. I was meeting a friend for coffee the other day and, just before leaving, decided to be a diligent, responsible adult human female and use the restroom before getting in my car ....more

A Snapshot of Marriage

[source] As some of you know, I’m married. As those of you who are married know, marriage is...more

I’m doing a

I’m doing a bit of pet sitting for a friend’s two precious dogs. When taking them outside for the final go the other evening, all hell broke loose in the form of an opossum, which one dog cornered and the other killed. Or so I thought ....more

Code Milky Green

The Players: Me [source] Carter [source] The World [source] Ugh ....more