Code Milky Green

The Players: Me [source] Carter [source] The World [source] Ugh ....more

And then I watched a video that reminded me of my obese dead hamster… but in a cute way.

Those of you who have been around here for a while will remember my dearly departed hamster, Fat Olivia. ...more

Promo: “You, Your Book and A Mouthful of Stars: How to Pitch to an Agent,” a webinar by Carolyn Flynn

From Kate: I wanted to share with you an opportunity being offered by my friend and graduate school colleague, Carolyn Flynn. Take a gander and see if it interests you! If you have any questions, Carolyn is very friendly and has graciously listed her contact info at the end of the post ....more

Help me, I’ve fallen into the chasm of probability algorithms and I can’t get out!

School has begun, which means that my Statistics course is actively underway and trying to kill me slowly. Thank goodness for coffee and Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups, am I right? AM I RIGHT? ...more

Take care of yourselves, kittens.

Last week was rough....more

Saying goodbye to Robin Williams.

I didn’t mourn my childhood when I left it. This hadn’t occurred to me until the death of Robin Williams. I left my childhood behind with the same vigor with which I had participated in it ....more

On Robin Williams…

I’m not really ready to write about Robin Williams. I admire and envy those who composed such beautiful tributes last night. I’m not there yet, however ....more

On Anniversaries…

Today marks my second anniversary to one very special human being. To Carter: I love you more today than yesterday and, if we’re being honest, I loved you more yesterday than the day before. Though, that could be because you were being especially difficult on Saturday ....more

I’m in a glass case of anxiety.

I’m waiting for some rather big news about grad school. I’ve been waiting for 6 months for this news, but today is the deadline. As in… [source] Now, because I am nothing if not a perfectly rational person, I have been coping with the stress by allowing my body to consume itself from the inside out, and not in that sexy, tapeworm sort of way ....more

I am too “old” to “wedding”

Dear Self, I am only just now able to stare at this screen long enough to write to you. After all, you and I have...more