Life is a Series of Meetings and Partings

Three weeks ago to the day, my dad suddenly died. This is hundredth time I’ve typed those words – my dad died – and it never, ever gets any easier. I tried typing words like “passed away” or “left us,” words that feel softer when said aloud but words that do not look soft in print ....more

Coloring Book Winner!

How are you? Are you snowed in? Are you enjoying warm beverages indoors while you watch people pelt one another with snowballs, cackling to yourself about how much wiser you are than they – you, under a blanket with your hot coffee and your cross stitch and your wool socks and your angry pet fish? ...more

Pets in Sweaters – An Adult Coloring Masterpiece Giveaway

Hello, friends! Are we ready for the snow? Do you have 30 gallons of milk and 15 loaves of bread? ...more

Yet another farewell.

Alan Rickman, beloved actor (among so many things), has passed away. The news is fresh, raw, painful, especially on the heels of the death of another beloved star, David Bowie. Both 69 ....more

Long and loud and clear.

This week. *sigh* This week has been rough. I say this and yet, looking back, we’ve had a spat of some really challenging weeks in this world of ours ....more

Snake Juice: It’s real, y’all.

This weekend, the gods of time decided to A) gift those childless members among us a Saturday Halloween AND THEN...more

A Man for All Pixels

Full disclosure, I wanted to title this post “And you thought that Trapper Keeper was the tits back in the day.” Typical, I know. Carter, ever the sophisticate, prevailed. A couple of weeks ago, Apple had an event ....more

Does it smell like Davey Jones’ Locker in here?

It’s been a while and I don’t really remember how to start one of these gracefully, so I’m just gonna dive in and knock some of the rust off. I’ll get better. I hope ....more

A story…

Once upon a time, there was this lady. She wasn’t a particularly special lady, more just your run-of-the-mill kind of lady with a day job and a family and a hostile uterus and a Labradoodle that is, as a friend put it, “clearly a person in a dog suit.” This lady had a blog. This lady LOVED her blog ....more

Bourbon and Sugar and Mint Leaves, oh my! (Get your julep on.)

Like most Kentucky girls, I have opinions about bourbon....more