Eat Local // Sweet Butternut Squash Soup

Would you believe that when I started this blog back in 2009, I had absolutely no idea what it meant to cook seasonally? I’d go to the grocery store, pick up whatever looked good that week, and make whatever recipes interested me at the moment. Instant gratification at its finest ....more

The Hand-Painted Backsplash

I mentioned in my last kitchen post that I was thinking of jazzing up our tiles with some painted designs. And after we started getting up all the white doors, the white tile was looking rather plain and ordinary.First, let’s take a look at where we started. And in progress: Let me back up ....more

Weekend Things

I’m sure some of you already saw our kitchen progress over on Writing Chapter Three. Once we get all the doors back on their hinges, I’ll be writing more about how it’s looking and how I’m feeling about the quality of the job we did. I also bought some craft paints to do a DIY backsplash design that I hope to start over the weekend.And I painted our refrigerator ....more

Limbo + Real Food Prenatal Giveaway

Before I get to anything else, I wanted to express my gratitude. You guys are the reason I continue blogging -- and I very much appreciate all your sharing and support in response to the Two Week Wait post. Though I won’t be sharing every minute of our TTC journey, it’s helpful to know we aren’t alone in the ups and downs and all-arounds.Today, I thought I’d touch on a few questions I’ve received related to TTC and this whole way of life that I call being in limbo ....more

The Two Week Wait

Wow, guys. I forgot how much the two week wait sucks. I try my best not to analyze every pinch and twinge ....more

18 Vegetarian Staples at Aldi

It’s been a while since I posted about shopping at Aldi. Those of you who have been reading along might remember how we were able to buy a whole month of groceries for just $291 by switching stores. We use our CSA share to make up the bulk of our produce purchases, but now that the growing season is coming to a close, we’re starting to look inside the pantry.I thought it’d be fun to share some of the pantry staples I’ve started taking for granted ....more

White Kitchen Cabinets

I must apologize in advance because the title is misleading. There isn’t a gratifying before/after shot in this post. Instead, I wanted to share what we did over our long weekend because painting kitchen cabinets isn’t an instant gratification type of job ....more

Veggie Coop Tofu Scramble

So much of my blog is focused around food and eating and vegetarian/vegan recipes, yet I spend very little time on the topic of how I started living my life this way. I’ve been a vegetarian in various forms since I was 12 -- so that’s nearly 20 years of a meat-free existence. I was vegan for several years, but you can read more about why that didn’t work out for me here.All my formative years of learning how to cook were spent with my nose deep in Moosewood cookbooks ....more

Weekend Things

Thanks for all of your kind feedback on my new approach to blogging. I don’t know exactly how it will work just yet, but I think I got a good start by sharing my feelings on the matter. And speaking of blogging and feelings and all that stuff, can you believe how Young House Love just quit blogging yesterday? ...more

Creating Traditions

Growing up, my mom decorated our house just like a page out of some shabby chic magazine. As the weather or holidays changed, so would our pillows, accents, flowers, and even furniture. I don’t have quite the same knack for creating seasonal flair, but I do like to make our house feel festive in small ways ....more