Apple + Butternut Squash Soup // Slow Cook

For dinner last night, I decided to go easy on myself and simmer together a soup in the crock pot. I mean, is there anything better in autumn than smelling something yummy cooking all day long? And this soup has a healthy dose of spices that make it extra comforting.You may have missed all my gushing last year, but I got a new slow cooker ....more

Our Weekend

Happy fall! I thought I'd check in for a quick hello. Eloise has hit a strange spot in babyhood between the 3-month growth spurt and 4-month sleep regression ....more

Running After Baby // Week 14

It's been a while since I've written specifically about exercise. I'm doing a lot of it, despite what the number on the scale might tell you. (But that's another post for another day!) (Old photo alert!) Accomplishments: I don't think I shared my 5K time from last month's race ....more

Our Hand-Painted Backsplash

This is one of my favorite DIY projects. So, I'm re-posting it for those of you who might be interested in doing the same thing in your home. I'll hopefully get an updated kitchen tour up soon, too ....more

Day in the Life

It's been a long time since I've done a day-in-the-life post. That's probably because once we got into a good routine with Ada, we were on that same schedule for, like, years. When Eloise came into the picture, we had a rocky time getting used to the newborn craziness ....more

Thursday Tidbits

Here's a fun + random post, because you guys have said you like these more than other things. Guess what! Me too!#1: I'm on Snapchat now at neverhomemaker ....more

Henna Hair Color // Before + After (Video)

I'm thinking of doing henna on my hair again -- and then I looked for my post on how to do it. It was on my old family blog. So! ...more

Budget Notes

We start over again with our budget each September. Usually our bank account is somehow low after a summer of no teacher paychecks. We expect it and plan for it, but we use the "scare" as an opportunity to reassess the financial goings-on in our household ....more

Mommy Style: 1 Shirt, 5 Ways

So, I'm planning a new post on mommy style to put on this blog soon. In three words: Flowing shirts + leggings. (I just bought a pair in Volcanic Rose.) BUT! ...more

First Day

Ada's on the bus. She's officially in school. Tears ....more