Operation: Cozy Food

I recently wrote an article about the 9 foods you should add to your cart if you want full autumn immersion. Since I haven’t posted much about food in this space lately, I wanted to recap some of my favorite fall recipes for you. I admit the recipe archives aren’t the easiest to navigate, so some good stuff gets lost in the shuffle.Here are my top 10 picks for fall flavor + coziness ....more

Kabocha + Cider Mac and Cheese

Our family loved this meal so much, I’m making it for dinner yet again tonight. This was my first time cooking with kabocha squash. I picked up one several weeks ago and it had just been taunting me on the kitchen shelf ....more

My Purple Hair

From henna hair color to bottle blonde and now to purple. I’ve been dying my hair for a really freaking long time. Like, I don’t remember the natural color sort of long ....more

DIY Silhouettes // $10

I’ve been slowly transforming our house through cleaning and decor to make it a calmer place to spend time. After all, this is my home and my office, so I spend a ridiculous number of hours under this roof. We’ve always been clean (wiped down counters, scrubbed toilets, steamed floors) ....more

Pumpkin + Pecan Apple Crisp

My mom had certain desserts she liked to bake. I remember a few out of the rotation best. Chocolate chip cookies, of course ....more

Weekend Scenes // Apple Picking

How about that moon, right? We watched the different stages of the lunar eclipse last night, and it was super cool. Then I woke up randomly in the middle of the night and looked outside ....more

Thoughts On Sibling Gaps

Blogging is really hard through all this infertility stuff. Not because of what I’m sharing. I like being upfront and honest ....more

DIY // 5-Minute Fall Wreath

I’ve taken our fall decorating to the extreme this year. Between the Indian corn, decorative gourds, pumpkins, and mums I think we’ve covered ....more

Paint the Piano?

We’ve had our antique store find piano for about a month now. ...more

Comfort Food // Stuffed Shells

Sometimes you just need comfort food. Yesterday was surely the day for me. Bonus points if it takes only minutes to come together ....more