Our Experience with Lyme Disease

My blog has never been a glossy or polished place where I try to make our lives seem perfect. At the same time, I feel like sometimes I end up telling the world far too many of our family’s problems. I feel vulnerable and even stupid for certain mistakes ....more

An Egg On It

I was reading this article on NPR the other day about how to get better nutrition by pairing certain foods. Definitely a fascinating concept, especially with my current quest for cleaner eating habits. One of the combinations particularly piqued my interest, possibly because I’m addicted to eggs ....more

Green Light // TTC

So, all my blood work (CD3, CD21, etc.) turned up completely normal in my first round of infertility testing. I spoke with my doctor’s assistant last week and -- unless I don’t get pregnant in the next six months -- we're free to just try and wait and see. It’s been over a year with a chemical pregnancy and missed miscarriage, so I would be lying if I said I’m 100 percent cool with this advice ....more

Wild + Free

My trip back home was really great last week. I saw a bunch of people I wanted to see. I ate a lot of my favorite hometown foods ....more

Chunky Peanut Butter Chocolate Chippers

While I was home, my best friend had me over one morning and let me sample some delicious energy bars she had just made. She was also baking up a chickpea breakfast muffin, and it got me thinking about bean desserts again. They are seriously tasty ....more


We had a pretty good composting operation set up at our old house. So, when we moved last year, we knew we wanted to start up again. It took us a while to get started, but we finally installed our new backyard composter a couple months ago ....more

Monday Things

Ready for the new week? I’m not, but this is Stephen’s last before school is out for summer. I feel like these warm months are going to go by in a flash ....more

Last Day

Ada’s last day of her 3-year-old program was today. Her class is actually in session until the end of the week, but we’re headed to my hometown to enjoy the PA State Laurel Festival. I realized toward the end of the year that school and the festival dates will conflict with NY’s class schedule seemingly forever ....more

Better Cauliflower Crust

Here’s another installment of my Make It Better series. I’m not intolerant to gluten or even sensitive for that matter. I just eat a lot of too much bread and have been looking for alternatives to clean up my diet ....more

Family Photos // 2015 ed.

The last time I took a good number of family photos was way back in 2012! I figured it was about time (OK, well over) to take a few more. So, we got a little dressed up, headed down to the creek, and struck some poses ....more