Fan mail

oday I thought I'd write a post about being thankful. Three or five things that I am thankful for that emerged from the last week. Inventing Liz does this, as does Laura at A(n) (un)Common Family.  I am truly, truly thankful for a few things right now, but on the surface they are rather naff and in the ocean they are...the ocean....more

Saturday reads

When I contemplated NaBloPoMo, there was no way I was going to be posting on the weekends as well. Just 5 days a week. I'm in the zone though and this one is easy enough. I love it when other bloggers do a weekly reading list - things that they've read on the internet that they find worthy and that their readship might not have otherwise found....more
I think it's a matter of not "if" your child views porn but "when".  Talking about it isn't ...more

The interminable

In the lead up to beginning to try and conceive, I was so impatient to get started and time seemed to move So. Slowly. I was eager to just 'get on with it', even though I knew that a large part of trying to build a family on your own involved waiting, waiting, waiting....more

Taking out the neurotrash

I have an undergraduate degree in early childhood education and I found one of the most fascinating areas of study in the four year degree was the work that has been done in neuroscience research and the impact of early environments on young children. In short, the human brain is not completely hardwired at birth and the first three years of life literally shape the way the brain is finally structured and set....more
Great post Jess. I really must read that book BTW. I'll check out your annotated bibliography ...more

Wordless Wednesday: By my side


Day 1: Up in your grill with NaBloPoMo

OK.So there's a few things coming up around here. Well, three to be exact....more