Remake: White Vintage Jumpsuit

Hi friends! The reveal has finally arrived. This lovely white jumpsuit has gotten a bit of a makeover Superhero pantsuit! ...more

Jumpsuit Party!

You guys. I scored the most amazingly ridiculous vintage jumpsuit that is in the process of getting adjusted as well as a shade change. Color thoughts? ...more

DIY Pom Pom Shorts

I’ve been obsessed with Pom Pom shorts since I...more

Pom Pom Shorts Teaser!

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend! I was in San Diego for Father’s Day and couldn’t resist pulling up a little archived Kodak...more

Remake: Blue Checkered Ruffled Dress

Hi you guys!! Today’s piece is SO good. The dress looked like it was straight out of a Rodgers and Hammerstein musical ....more

Remake: White Strapless Lace Dress

Hey friends! I’m here, I’m here There’s been a lot going on which I’ll fill you in a bit on later… But in the interim, I have a FABULOUS new piece to share. Take this lace dress: BEFORE See how pretty it is close up?? ...more

Remake: Neon Flower Doodle Dress

So this floral print though… Saved by the Bell wardrobe much?!? Honestly I think I wore something like this when I was a kid in 1992! Hey print! ...more

Weekend Acquisition!

Hello friends! I hope everyone had a most beautiful weekend! I took a solo trip up to Santa Barbara for the day to bike on the beach, hang out at Alameda Park for Earth Day festivities, and to go flea marketing....more

Remake: Red, Blue, & Black Patterned Dress

So this dress… The sleeves were just a little too tight with those shoulder pads!! Tight Sleeves!! …but the pattern was fab! ...more

Remake: Red, Blue, & Black Patterned Dress

Loved this dress when I saw it! The pattern was fab, but those sleeves were just a little too tight. Tight Sleeves!! ...more