15 Work Ideas for Teens That Anyone Can Do

Getting your first job as a teen can be an exciting experience. However, it might sting when you can’t find anyone who’s hiring. Teens who would like to start earning money of their own have other options besides the typical fast food restaurant or retail store ....more

Top Wedding Themes and Trends of 2017

Planning a wedding for 2017? You’ll want to think about trends and theme for 2017 now since these next few months will fly by. Not every couple comes up with a wedding theme (my husband and I didn’t) but yet, it’s still fun to play around with the possibility of implementing a theme because it makes your focus much clearer when planning your big day ....more

5 Hideous Wedding Dresses

Finding the perfect wedding dress can be quite a process for a bride-to-be. You may have a style in mind, or walk into a bridal boutique with an open mind, it can be tough to say yes to the dress if you have high standards. While every bride is entitled to have their own style, certain styles won’t look flattering on everyone and let’s face it, some wedding dresses are just down right ugly ....more

An Average Real Money Player Spending Only – 1200$ Yearly

An average real money player spending only – 1200$ yearly, and this is an important statistic to keep in mind. Some people assume that real money players are spending much more money than that in the span of a given year. Other people assume that real money players are spending much less, and that it is the group that matters and not really the individual players ....more

The Importance of Budgeting for Dates After Marriage

Budgeting for dates after you get married is very important. One of the best pieces of advice someone gave me when I was engaged was to not let anything change within our relationship and to keep ‘dating’ each other. When you get married, the idea of dating each other can sound a little silly ....more

How to Honeymoon in Style With a Caravan

Traditional honeymoon destinations are not for everyone. Many of today’s couples are looking for unconventional and memorable ways to spend their post-wedding vacation, while still having fun and saving money. After months of planning your wedding, it’s now time for you and your special someone to have some fun and enjoy your time with each other ....more

Can Premarital Counseling Fix Your Relationship Troubles?

Having relationship trouble is something you don’t even want to consider when you are engaged. In reality though, no relationship is perfect and you’re bound to face some bumps in the road either prior to or during your engagement. Most couples claim that marriage is not easy ....more

Can You Earn Extra Money Selling LuLa Roe Clothing?

Regular readers of this site know that getting married can be very expensive which is why we cover many options to help you save on your big day. Another way to afford your dream wedding is to earn extra money by picking up a side hustle. Direct sales is a popular side hustle opportunity that some people even turn it into a full-time business if they become successful enough with their sales ....more

Frugal Wedding Finger Foods

Everyone knows good food can make or break the party (along with good music). If you’re having a traditional wedding, the food can be one of the priciest expenses and you want it to be tasty. While I highly recommend having a buffet dinner to save money, and time on feeding your guests, if your guests are going to be at your wedding for 6-8 hours, they’re probably going to get hungry either before of after dinner ....more

5 Tips for Wedding Planning on a Budget

I recently shared how my husband and I were able to pull off a dream wedding on a budget. However, I understand our solutions may not work for everyone. Everyone’s dream wedding is different, but what we all have in common is the need to stick to a budget ....more