How We Found Financial Peace of Mind

The past five years have proved to be a financial whirlwind for us. From $45,000 of debt to saving $30K in seven months, Eric and I have come a long way. One of the tools we’ve been able to use to reach these saving goals is our Capital One 360 saving accounts ....more

Why I Started Giving Money to the Homeless

When I was about six years old, I remember going to Tijuana with my parents and taking my “purse” full of pennies. As we walked around the town—it was a lot safer back then—I would put a few pennies in each beggar’s Styrofoam cup. While waiting...more

Do You Need $40,000?

What would you do with $40,000? Casting Duo (Top Chef, Project Runway, The Glee Project) is casting a new docu-series and they’re looking for married couples, who have been together for at least 5 years (not necessarily married that entire time) without kids, who are having communication difficulty due to finances, the in-laws, infertility, loss of job, demanding career, etc – basically all the stuff that plagues every couple but becomes glaringly clear once you’re married. The docu-series will have 2 relationship experts to help the couples navigate these issues ....more

The Non-Plan Plan

Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans. Eric and I have been stressed to the max recently with work and school. It was to the point where we almost considered canceling our trip to San Fran, but instead decided to go and use it as a time to de-stress and re-charge ....more

My Favorite Way to Travel

I love to travel. I like learning about new cultures, eating the way locals eat, getting to see new places, experiencing new things. But I hate the cost ....more

Can you be too safe with money?  

As people interested in personal finance, we are often taught to take the safe road when it comes to money. I think Eric and I are great examples (yup, that’s me patting ourselves on the back right there) of what can be done when you work on stabilizing and securing your money by living a frugal lifestyle, making sacrifices, and working hard. But at what point do you feel secure enough? ...more

Why We Got Started with a Certified Financial Planner

A few years ago, when Eric and I were mired in debt and it seemed like we would never get ahead, I read a post from a blogger who had a Certified Financial Planner. I was surprised, because I had assumed that CFPs were only for the wealthy. Like, extremely wealthy ....more

The Bullet List Post

You know when you have a lot of little stories in your head, but nothing is meaty enough to make a blog post? That has been me non-stop for the past two months … so instead I’ll just do bullets. Eric and I went to see Gone Girl this weekend ....more

PPO or HMO? Help me decide

Here’s the deal, Eric and I originally had a PPO. Then we switched to an HMO, because it was A LOT cheaper, in that we are currently only paying $15 a month for health insurance. However, this year, prices went up, and now HMO and PPO will cost about the same monthly (about $130 a month) ....more

On Finding the Perfect Work-Life Balance

I feel like I’ve been failing lately on having the perfect work-life balance. I’ve had the past four weeks off grad school because I’m supposed to be working on these five papers that take the place of my thesis. And you know what I’ve done so far? ...more