How Our New Mortgage Will Affect Our Budget

So now that I’ve talked about the cost of buying a home in Southern California, it’s time we talk about the real important stuff, like how this new jumbo mortgage payment is going to affect our budget. Before I give you some financials, I want to present to you some numbers about salaries in Orange County, CA and the cost of housing–because let’s face it. You can’t compare the cost of living in southern California to the cost of living in the mid-west ....more

How Much It Cost to Buy Our First Home in Southern California

I know whenever I read about other bloggers buying homes, I want to know the financials. It helps me better understand and see how much different the home buying landscape is in other states. I will say that our area–Southern California– is still a very strong sellers’ market ....more

How Our Marriage Survived Escrow

Putting the tree up in our new home! I alluded in my last post that the escrow process can be stressful. I think this is partly largely due to my Type A personality, especially when it comes to finances ....more

The Escrow Process of Buying Our First Home

Once we decided to make an offer on our first home and it was accepted, the next step was the actual home buying process. Our offer was accepted on October 25, and the seller had lofty goals of closing by November 21st, due to Thanksgiving plans. Spoiler alert: That didn’t happen, but we were pretty darn close ....more

How We Made an Offer on Our First Home

After falling in love with a home and weighing the pros (neighborhood, price) and cons (two bedrooms only), we decided to move forward and make an offer on our first home. First-Time Homebuyers: Making an Offer on a Home First, we contacted our realtor that we had actually met when we were looking at purchasing a home in our neighborhood. While he hadn’t gone with us to see the house (remember, we were just window shopping!), he would still be acting as our realtor ....more

We Bought a House!

We moved in Friday, but decorating for Christmas was my first priority… As of November 26, 2014, Eric and I are officially homeowners! It has been a whirlwind and stressful process and I think at times we were both ready to kill each other, but we survived buying our first home. We could not be more thrilled! ...more

How We Found Financial Peace of Mind

The past five years have proved to be a financial whirlwind for us. From $45,000 of debt to saving $30K in seven months, Eric and I have come a long way. One of the tools we’ve been able to use to reach these saving goals is our Capital One 360 saving accounts ....more

Why I Started Giving Money to the Homeless

When I was about six years old, I remember going to Tijuana with my parents and taking my “purse” full of pennies. As we walked around the town—it was a lot safer back then—I would put a few pennies in each beggar’s Styrofoam cup. While waiting...more

Do You Need $40,000?

What would you do with $40,000? Casting Duo (Top Chef, Project Runway, The Glee Project) is casting a new docu-series and they’re looking for married couples, who have been together for at least 5 years (not necessarily married that entire time) without kids, who are having communication difficulty due to finances, the in-laws, infertility, loss of job, demanding career, etc – basically all the stuff that plagues every couple but becomes glaringly clear once you’re married. The docu-series will have 2 relationship experts to help the couples navigate these issues ....more

The Non-Plan Plan

Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans. Eric and I have been stressed to the max recently with work and school. It was to the point where we almost considered canceling our trip to San Fran, but instead decided to go and use it as a time to de-stress and re-charge ....more