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Dear Myles Brand: Title IX is HOW old?

As a girl in the 1960's, I was a huge baseball fan, falling asleep on muggy summer nights listening to the Yankees on the radio. Mickey Mantle was the undisputed star but my favorite was the shortstop Tony Kubek. To this day, listening to a baseball game on the radio is guaranteed to relax and entertain me at the same time. ...more

When Do You Feel Beautiful?

Last night I saw a powerful and disturbing film America the Beautiful and met its amazing filmmaker, Darryl Roberts. Thanks to The Emily Program Foundation for bringing him to Minneapolis. ...more

How to Counter Harmful Tween & Teen Magazines Part 2

How to Counter Harmful Tween & Teen Magazines - Part Two My daughters are 27 now (twins) and never acquired the habit of relying on fashion magazines for advice about life. That's not to say that they never read them! ...more

I like your suggestions because they encourage critical thinking in your daughters and prevent ...more

How to Counter Harmful Tween and Teen Magazines

How to Counter Harmful Tween & Teen Magazines - Part One University of Minnesota research finds that teen girls "who frequently read magazine articles about dieting were more likely five years later [emphasis added] to practice extreme weight-loss measures ... than girls who never read such articles." ...more

Girls Growing New Moon

Here's a message from for all girls & parents (see the end of the message if you're a parent or caring adult) who want to help New Moon reach more girls: Hey girls, You're the most important part of New Moon Girls and we want to invite you to be on the new Street Team that I'm coordinating-take a look at what this is about! At New Moon we want the world to hear from girls, respect girls, and support girls' dreams. The Street Team will help more and more girls everywhere use their voices, achieve their dreams, and work together in ways that matter. ...more

Are GIrls the New Geeks?

Exciting news!  Our very own Nancy Gruver will be speaking on a panel, "Are Girls the New Geeks?" at the 2008 Ypulse National Mashup. She would love to meet you there! The event will take place July 14-15, 2008, Hotel Nikko, San Francisco, CA ...more

Um, what?

Heather Parfitt, Managing Editor of New Moon magazine forwarded me a story today about the U.K. marketing of bras to girls as young as 7. The bras in this article are padded bras with plunging decolletage, not soft "starter bras" ...more

Hi Trisha,

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Ask a Girl club has launched!

Everyone at New Moon is so excited to have launched Ask a Girl, the club space for girls 8-12 to ask and get advice * from other girls*!  Ask a Girl is a free community open to all girls and--as always in all New Moon platforms--has no advertising whatsoever so girls' voices are highlighted.  Ask a Girl also features girl artwork and gifts for girls, so there's plenty to spread the word about whether you're a girl or a girl-loving adult.  I hope to see you there soon! ...more

This week is Eating Disorders Awareness Week

This week is Eating Disorders Awareness Week! At New Moon, we've posted information from key organizations working to help end eating disorders, as well as reflections from New Moon Founder and CEO, Nancy Gruver, on losing a New Moon staffer to an eating disorder and the importance of awareness and action about eating disorders. ...more