Dear Emily Ladau: You're A Stranger, Wheelchair Or Not

Dear Emily, I read your letter, Dear Parents: No I Won't Run Your Child Over With My Wheelchair, and I wanted to respond. I couldn't help but feel like you were speaking directly to me, because I am that mother who moves her child out of your way when I see you coming down the street in your wheelchair. I cannot begin to understand what you must face on the daily with the amount of ignorance and discrimination present in the world. ...more
Lisa, I definitely see how in most cases it's a courtesy to move your child. For me, that point ...more

I Laugh at Mental Illness

I was diagnosed with “severe depression” when I was thirteen years old. It felt like all of my motivation, hope, and desire to live were hijacked overnight and replaced with the daunting task of making it through the day. It felt like someone pulled the rug out from underneath me, and it became a chore to breathe. Those feelings made everything more difficult, and surviving became harder and harder.  It was exhausting. ...more
Ah, Next Life, I, who have that life of 'No Kids' find much to laugh at in your article and to ...more

10 Hilarious Tips For Surviving Your Son's Toddler Years

1. Learn to appreciate the word, "NO." Even if the question is, "Do you want a cookie?" your toddler will probably take this opportunity to make it clear that you are not in control. ...more
OMG Tara-Lee, Do you have TWO toddlers running around your house???more

Open Letter To Rihanna Re: #Prombat

Dear Rihanna,...more

What I Won't Tell You...

I would first like to thank JD Bailey @ honestmom and Allison @ motherhoodwtf for inspiring me with their amazing honesty which encouraged me to write this....more

Say Good-bye To Your "Pretty Pink Vagina"...And Some Other Warnings About Pregnancy

I had lunch with my pregnant friend last week and we got to talking about all the things no one warns you about when you're pregnant....more

I Need A Village, STAT

Leaving the house on the days I have both boys, without Nick, is somewhat of a Christmas miracle. With all of the planning that goes into just stepping out the door, I often wonder if it's worth it. It's ridiculous how many things have to be in order before we even get to the car.The car is a story for another day....more

Is Not Vaccinating Your Kids Like Having Unprotected Sex?

I recently ran into a fellow blogger and friend at the gym....more

Why Judging Young Girls Is Always A Good Idea

I hope you are as sick of hearing about Miley as I am. Every time the public reacts to something like this I worry about our girls. People are saying that her performance at the VMAs sent a bad message, but I wonder if the messages we're sending our daughters with our reactions to it isn't worse.This "thing" will pass, but the comments our daughters hear us making about it will stick. ...more