What I Wore: Boyish Shorts and Red Sweater

I found these Talbots bermuda shorts at my local Savers. Naturally, I was drawn to the color but when I hoisted them for inspection the first thing that came to mind was that they looked like boy shorts. I bought them anyways ....more

It’s Time for Macy’s Fall 2014 Fashion Events

Come check out what’s in stores this Fall at the Macy’s Fall 2014 Fashion Events. Macy’s invites you to see what unfolds when Fall’s coolest trends meet the season’s hottest beats! Ready to rock a new look this season? ...more

PRODUCT REVIEW: Valentia Even Glow Vitamin C Serum

A press sample was provided courtesy of Brandbacker and Valentia Skin Care, however, the opinions are mine. Valentia Even Glow’s Vitamin C Serum...more

3 Days, 2 Nights New York City

At the Metro North train station in Stamford. That’s Shannon and Andrea in the background. I had some visitors this summer, three of them as a matter of fact ....more

I Almost Lost This Summer

Yesterday while I was sitting in a line of cars at a stop light this idiot ran right into the back of my brand new car. This was my first car vs car accident and I swear, it took me about 15 seconds to comprehend what had happened. Once I did, I got out of my car to survey what I was expecting to be extensive damage ....more

The Flex Belt Demo

Robert filmed this! XoXo Natasha ...more

The Flex Belt: Getting Slim Without Really Trying

PRESS SAMPLE **MY 6 WEEK CHALLENGE** Exercising has never been high on my list of favorite physical activities....more

Makeup Color Profiles

Presented By Bh Cosmetics Makeup ...more

How to Improve Dry Skin Under the Eyes

I didn’t realize that I had dry skin in my eye area until I tried contouring and highlighting using concealer and setting powder. Both left my skin feeling irritated and tight. However, I think I have found a really great regimen to help improve dry skin under the eyes ....more