A Tourism Guide To New York City Attractions

New York City is arguably more packed with attractions than any popular tourist destination in the world. While most cities and vacation spots offer up a few things you’re supposed to see and do, New York can wear out any traveler with its exhaustive list of recommended sights and activities. So how do you know which ones to prioritize? ...more

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5 Dietary Changes to Get Rid of Acne

Can dietary changes get rid of acne? Eating healthier and taking supplements is a common recommendation for people looking to reduce their risks to heart disease, cancer, diabetes and other medical conditions, so why shouldn’t diet also be included as a solution for the treatment acne? As a matter of fact, The Clear Skin Diet book stresses that “no matter what condition, disease or health problem you face, the root causes can be traced back to the same underlying factors, because the body is one whole integrated system ....more

Best Acne Spot Treatments For Adults

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Carrington Farms Flax Paks #CarringtonMayOnTheMove

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Top 7 Last minute European holidays

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Talbot’s Chevron Print Skirt with Chambray Shirt

Before I get into my fabulous chevron skirt find from Talbot’s at the Lee Premium Outlets, let’s talk about the weather. This is shaping up to be a super bad year for allergy sufferers. Right now my car is covered with this yellow green powdery stuff and yesterday I heard several stories of people getting drenched with pollen after walking around outside during their hour long lunch break ....more

My Fantastic Experience at the Saybrook Point Inn and Spa

Three Stories Guest House at the Old Saybrook Point Inn in Old Saybrook, Connecticut. I am learning that I really don’t need to travel outside of Connecticut...more