I Am Not Drinking The Lemonade

One of my most popular Facebook status updates went something like this:You don’t have to have an opinion on everything....more

White Girl Wasted: Some Of Hillary Supporters Are Drunk With Patronizing Young Women Voters

“There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.”- Madeline Albright. The quote is ironic because Secretary Albright and feminist icon Gloria Steinem are trying to bully young women who support Bernie Sanders to support Hillary Clinton....more

Watching Microaggressions Piled on Jubilee

Are you watching  this season of The Bachelor?! I typically don’t watch, but  I enjoyed the first season of the scripted Lifetime show UnReal (Congrats to Constance Zimmer on the Critics Choice Award, BTW). Watching this season of The Bachelor seemed like a passable substitute to UnReal. When I heard that there was a Black girl on the show named Jubilee, my first thought was that there was stereotypical casting going on. However, I decided to watch and I was pleasantly surprised. ...more
I agree with this post! I can hardly watch this show anymore because I'm sure it's so edited and ...more

We Will Never Learn The Truth About Sandra Bland

In my opinion, we will never learn the truth about what exactly happened to Sandra Bland. I don’t think so unless there are independent investigators who can review unedited source information. When I was an internal auditor, I would review reports and processes against source data. Source data is data that cannot be tampered with, edited, or massaged....more

Today's Outrage: Whole Foods Addresses Outrage With National Guardsmen By Feeding Kids

Note: From the time I first started writing this post until I went to get links for the post, I see that Whole Foods has already addressed the issue. Whole Foods is now working with the Baltimore County Recreation and Parks to provide food to the kids.  ...more

Mocking or Emulating: Teens Go Crazy for Kylie Jenner's Lips

Our First Lady is always keeping it 100%. Recently she said that her daughters Sasha and Malia were not influential, despite what Time magazine says.   They are not influential,” the First Lady said, laughing. “They just live here [ The White House] . They have done nothing to gain any influence.” ...more
This is very reminiscent of the "cinnamon challenge" a few years ago, and while not as fatal, it ...more

Today's Outrage: Michael Buble' s Photo Bum Bomb

Photo Credit: Getty ImagesMichael Bublé  posted a photo on his Instagram of himself and in the background a woman wearing shorts that revealed part of her bum.  His wife took the photo, but he posted it on Instagram.  ...more