The Italian Is Getting Married, And I Am Still Single

Pippo is getting married.  I feel like my chest is concave and my heart is sinking....more

Isn't It Ironic: A One-Man Show About #YesAllWomen

Storyteller Mike Daisey is throwing up a one-man show exploring the hashtag #YesAllWomen next week. I have seen Mike Daisey's work before and I have enjoyed it. He is a masterful storyteller, but this show is leveraging a hashtag and anything he says will be mansplaining. In fact if he were to call the show, "Mansplaining" it would make more sense. You see #YesAllWomen is about women's experiences.  His perspective, no matter how well-meaning, does a disservice....more

X Man: Bryan Singer Is Accused Of Sex Abuse

I am not an actress. I don't live in Hollywood. I don't know much about the power players in Hollywood other than what I see on television or read on the blogs. When I heard about the accusations relating to Bryan Singer, I was surprised.  He seemed like a good guy....more

Being Picky Doesn't Mean Having Good Taste

For some reason, curation is all the rage. It's probably because  there is too much of everything. There's too much content about food, fashion, music and the like. Now everyone looks to the curators for direction....more

What Noah Taught Me About Conservation and Global Warming

Did Darren Aronofsky pull a bait-and-switch with his movie, Noah? Although the movie is based on stories from the Bible, I felt like it was almost a cautionary tale against man's negligence of the earth. Seeing  the earth without flowers or berries was so stark.  Noah via Paramount Pictures ...more
I haven't seen the movie yet, but I am going to check it out. I have heard comments that it not ...more

Fearless But Not Fail Affinitive

They say, "Don't be afraid to fail."They say, " Fail often."They say, "Fail faster."I don't want to fail. Failing isn't fun. The people who actually have the luxury of failure ironically they often succeed. They can afford to fail.  Their fails become trust falls.I can't afford to fail, but I gotta move forward fearlessly....more

Back To Basics Blogging

My name is Nichelle Stephens. When I first started blogging ten years ago, I was "Nichelle Newsletter".  Some people even thought that  "Newsletter" was my real last name.  My blog was personal. It was about the things I did, the things I like and the occasional rant.  Then I December of 2004, I started another blog about cupcakes and then in summer of 2005 I went to the first ever BlogHer conference....more
I don't know why I hadn't tried blogging before now because I love to write. Writing has been my ...more

The Women: Econ Women Conference

Today I attended the Econ: Women conference here in New York. It was very informative, as the panel discussions focused on women in online media, advertising and community. Co-CEO Wenda Harris Millard of Martha Stewart Omnimedia kicked off the conference by saying "Flat is the new up". It was her response to the current economic conditions. Wenda announced MSLO's investment in, an online invite for event application. ...more

I don't know what I found more interesting in your post: Andrew Shue, Heather Armstrong, Martha ...more

Gearing Up For Tax Filing

Nichelle Stephens is the founder of Keeping Nickels. Income Tax deadline is two weeks away! If you are getting organized for tax filing, don’t get stressed out! Keep it simple. Close your eyes and think of a wave on a beach. Your money is a wave, and you have to keep track of inflows (income) and outflows (expenses). ...more

How Comedy Made Me A Feminist

Four years ago, I got the idea to start all-female stand-up comedy show. I am not a comedian. I have never produced comedy before, but I knew how to plan a party. So I secured a venue, posted an ad on Craigslist for comics, and now Chicks and Giggles is about celebrate four years as a show that entertains and supports the community of women in the New York comedy scene. We have done college shows, been profiled in Bust Magazine and had a small mention in New York Times, and yet some people still think the show is a gimmick. ...more

Link TextChicks and Giggles.

Thanks! Here's a link ...more