Are You Actually Reading This Post?

Today at work I realized that no one is reading, not even me. As I was going through my normal steps of work, various issues on different screens for different people, I noticed that I’m not actually reading anything. I’m clicking the button I normally click and typing in what I know goes in each space. I opened emails and responded, replied to IMs and started some email strings of my own; all the while just skimming through the information. ...more
I still read. I don't skim at work because I can't afford to. There's always someone waiting to ...more

Ramblings from the Airport

Recently I flew from the Midwest to the south east. In doing so, as with most last minute travel that you don’t want to sell a kidney for, I had connecting flights. I had the privilege to visit with 4 different airports from about an hour and some change. ...more

Everybody Doesn't Have to Like You

As you go through life, you sit and wonder why they don’t like me?  They could be one person or a group of people. Is it your hair, your skin color, the way you speak? Maybe they don't care for the way you dress yourself? Or how you raise your children? Where you are from means you must be a certain way that is unacceptable....more

It's International Women's Day Again?

 On-line today, on most websites and blogs, people are talking about International Women’s Day. As  a child I don’t remember having so many days. Heart health day, Cupcake day, Ice cream day, Grandparents day, Chocolate day, Jello day, French fry day; the list goes on and on and they add to it every year.Instead of all these “days” how about we just decide to do the following:...more

If I Only Had a Brain

There are days when you wonder, is it them? Or is it me? Normally, at work, a co-worker says something a bit confusing and you are able to cipher through it and reply back with a better flow of words.  It’s called “getting along well with others and working as a team”.  Then there are other days when the person talking just makes no sense at all. ...more

Sometimes Work is Just that Simple

The longer I'm in the work world, I have about 15 years to go before I can officially retire from Corporate America, I realize I have more patience at work. I'm not saying I don't get irritated and have problems with stupid people (they do seem to hire them in droves don't they) I just mean I am now able to allow them to be them and me to be me....more

It's Not All About the Dresses

Watching the Red Carpet on E!, i'm realizing what people have said for years; Presentation is everything.No one was prepared for the untimely death of Joan Rivers and it is obvious E! truly was not prepared. The team they have working the Red Carpet for The Oscars is such a hodge podge of "huh?" it makes you wonder how they chose the people they did. I like each of the people individually, except for Guilliana, for hosting most of the time. I just haven't figured out what qualifies any of them to be rating people on the red carpet. ...more