Selfie = Power!

I finally had a chance, fit into my browsing time, to flip through the Kim Kardashian West’s Selfie book. I have to tell you I was surprised 1st off by the size of it, I was expecting a large book like Madonna’s Sex book, but instead a found a small book about ½ the thickness of a phone book. The 2nd surprise was that of jealousy; I was jealous....more

If Not Now, When?

Take a deep breath, and JUMP!Most of us, women especially, walk around with lingering  what if's in our heads. Some of those thoughts are small - the dress, the hair color, the date, the meal, the other car - but some of them are big - quitting the job, changing careers, leaving the spouse, not having children, moving to another state; these thoughts don't keep us up at night, but on the worse days they do creep out into our frontal thoughts....more

It's Always the Small Things

 We have always heard that it is the small things in life that mean the most. We all agree it is true. What we don't agree on is what is a small thing. Looking at the abstract big picture, and putting in the perspective of "worse case scenario", we will choose: watching a butterfly, seeing the sun rise, catching a rainbow, listening to a child laugh; yes, we all agree on the "aaah" things that are small.  But what about the other small things, are we really looking at them as we should. ...more

Yes, There are Parents Parenting

As I'm sure you've seen the viral video of the Mom in her worry, panic and upset, shaking and smacking at her son who in his frustration and anger, was protesting the police violence in Baltimore. My post is not to judge the right or wrong of the mother or the son. It is not to weigh in on the streak of uneven violence against black boys and men in this country. It is not to shake a finger at Baltimore official's handling of the situation. No, I think there have been enough of all of that for the moment....more

Pot Liquor

About a week ago, I made some off the cuff vegetable soup. I threw in a pot some potatoes, garlic, onion, carrots, celery, chicken broth and some kale. I ate it for a few days then in the fridge it sat. Today I work I remembered the soup, as I was eating a frozen pot pie cooked in the microwave. Tonight I came home and transferred the rest of the soup to a container I could take to work. I noticed there wasn't much kale in there. So I quickly chopped some up, put some water in a pot and cooked down the kale so it would match the consistency of the rest of the soup....more

Are You Actually Reading This Post?

Today at work I realized that no one is reading, not even me. As I was going through my normal steps of work, various issues on different screens for different people, I noticed that I’m not actually reading anything. I’m clicking the button I normally click and typing in what I know goes in each space. I opened emails and responded, replied to IMs and started some email strings of my own; all the while just skimming through the information. ...more
I still read. I don't skim at work because I can't afford to. There's always someone waiting to ...more

Ramblings from the Airport

Recently I flew from the Midwest to the south east. In doing so, as with most last minute travel that you don’t want to sell a kidney for, I had connecting flights. I had the privilege to visit with 4 different airports from about an hour and some change. ...more

Everybody Doesn't Have to Like You

As you go through life, you sit and wonder why they don’t like me?  They could be one person or a group of people. Is it your hair, your skin color, the way you speak? Maybe they don't care for the way you dress yourself? Or how you raise your children? Where you are from means you must be a certain way that is unacceptable....more

It's International Women's Day Again?

 On-line today, on most websites and blogs, people are talking about International Women’s Day. As  a child I don’t remember having so many days. Heart health day, Cupcake day, Ice cream day, Grandparents day, Chocolate day, Jello day, French fry day; the list goes on and on and they add to it every year.Instead of all these “days” how about we just decide to do the following:...more