The Gym Beets

Recently, I’ve been hitting the gym like a boss. A few dude friends and I formed a little club called DADSTRONG (yes it has to be in all caps). DADSTRONG is formed of either recent dads or soon-to-be dads ....more

The Homemade Trials: Dressing!

I haven’t done a Homemade Trial in a while and it seemed perfectly appropriate to do a seasonal one featuring the thing that lines the ends of every grocery store aisle in the country right now: Stuffing. Or dressing. Which is right exactly? ...more

How to Dry Brine a Turkey

For the last few years, I’ve been preaching the joys of brining turkey to anyone who will listen. Brining really does make a big difference to your finished bird, but most importantly, it gives you some margin of error. If you aren’t familiar with brining, basically you submerge your bird (or any protein really) in […] The post How to Dry Brine a Turkey appeared first on Macheesmo ....more

Tortilla Breakfast Casserole

This is the breakfast casserole that you didn’t even know you wanted this winter. It has delicious breakfast ingredients: sausage, eggs, cheese and is about as easy to toss together as any breakfast casserole. But the real key to this dish is the tortillas ....more

New FREE Ebook!

People are constantly asking me for recipes and tips to help get dinner on the table during busy days. It’s by far the question I get the most in email, in comments, and on social media. Sometimes I post recipes that are super involved and take hours to make ....more

Friggin’ Fig Wheat Berries

Have you heard of the salad sweet spot? It’s a tricky thing to nail down, but essentially the salad sweet spot is a dish that you can easily have for dinner one night (maybe with a protein on the side), but then also bring the salad for lunch the next day. To qualify for the […] The post Friggin’ Fig Wheat Berries appeared first on Macheesmo ....more

Cheesy Red Potatoes Au Gratin

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sargento for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. Thanksgiving is two weeks away and for the first time in a few years Betsy and I aren’t taking our normal pilgrimage to Nashville ....more

Chef Symon’s Choco Pumpkin Pie

Last week Betsy came home with a plastic bag from the grocery store. That might not be a shock to you, but it was a complete shock to me. You see, Betsy hasn’t been to a grocery store in months ....more

Cookbook Week Winners

Last week I posted recipes from five great cookbooks. Okay… four great cookbooks and my own book which I’m clearly biased toward. Anyway, lots of winners get books now! ...more

Every Year Rolls

This post is brought to you by Lincoln Financial Group®. All opinions are 100% mine. Lincoln Financial Group would like you to enjoy the holidays and remember to be your own Chief Life Officer® ....more