Fancy Rice for a Fancy Price

A month or so ago I binge-watched the second season of The Mind of a Chef. The first half of the season centered around master Southern chef, Sean Brock. He is pretty much an expert in all things Southern and his main restaurant, Husk, makes an effort to bring back old world Southern food ....more

No Fuss French Toast

There is a lot of fancy in the food blog world (and on the Internet in general). If you’ve ever done a search on a site like Pinterest, you’ll know what I mean. Where do people get time for all the...more

Jury Duty

I have jury duty starting on Monday. A lot of people, I think, see this as a civic duty that they dread. Sitting in a court room for days (or possibly weeks) listening to lawyers go on and on? ...more

A Salt Revolution

This post brought to you by Salt Revolution. All opinions are 100% mine. Salt is one of those things that comes in so many different shapes and sizes, it’s hard to keep it straight as a consumer ....more

Mashed Potato Pizza

Note: This is an update from an old recipe, my favorite mashed potato pizza. I made this pizza recently on Food Fighters! Mashed potato pizza is one of those things that you might think is weird or gross when you hear it, but I promise it is really good ....more

Fall Veggie Hash

It’s no secret that brunch or breakfast is my favorite meal to cook for people. I love whipping up benedicts or just a simple stack of pancakes or something. But when I’m just cooking for myself (or for me and Betsy), I almost always default to some sort of hash ....more

Vancouver, Eh?

Ahoy! I’m in Canada for the better part of a week for a work conference. Even though it’s a ton of work, I always look forward to attending this conference every year ....more

Hey, Baby!

2014 has been a busy year in our home. Betsy and I bought our first home, I published my first cookbook, and Food Fighters happened. Those all sort of paled in comparison though when we found out that we would be welcoming a...more

The Juicy Lucy

There are certain recipes that I just know I’ll get flak for when I post. These recipes tend to fall into two categories: The first category is traditional or family recipes. Things like shrimp and grits can cause a firestorm because everybody thinks they have...more

Sweet Heat Maple Granola

I heard a story on NPR last week that cereal sales were on the decline because, now get this,...more