Double Chocolate Bourbon Balls

I was doing some planning at work yesterday, looking at the schedule and making some plans for the next couple of Wednesdays. Then I realized I couldn't plan a class for the next two Wednesdays because the second Wednesday would be Christmas! Two weeks until Christmas and these bourbon balls are the only holiday recipe I have made so far ....more

Spicy Three Bean Chili with Corn

With the exception of Thanksgiving, there hasn't been a whole lot of cooking going on around here lately. Although I did make some mean enchiladas with green mole from the leftovers that I hope to share eventually. I made this chili at the end of October and I think this is a good week to share it ....more

Spicy Sweet Onion Dip

Thanksgiving is in two days you say? Really? How did that happen? ...more

Roasted Cauliflower with Cumin and Pomegranate

Every year when the first pomegranates of the season show up at the grocery store I can't resist buying one. A few pomegranate seeds sprinkled on a dish really adds a festive touch. I like to use the water bowl method to de-seed my pomegranates, but this (ahem) spanking method seems to be making the rounds on the internet these days ....more

Creamy Sunchoke Soup

A few years ago I had some sunchokes in a CSA. I had never cooked with them before and wasn't really sure what to do with them. We had been getting behind with our CSA, fruits and veggies were taking over our kitchen, so I decided to make this monstrosity Squash, Sunchoke, and Pear Lasagna ....more

New Fangled Old-Fashioned

I feel like I always have a bottle of dark rum sitting around the kitchen. The thing is that most of the liquor you find in my house comes not from making cocktails, but baking, or making preserves. Most of the time I just buy the tiniest bottle I can find, but unfortunately (or maybe not) dark rum only comes in the very large size bottle ....more

Bake Shoppe Peanut Butter Cookies

I have been trying to find the perfect homemade peanut butter cookie for a couple of years now. The kind like you get from the corner bake shoppe (if you live in the kind of place with a corner bake shoppe). Nothing fancy, just a good, solid peanut butter cookie ....more

Buttermilk Pie

Three years, three and a half years to be exact. It took me that long to try this pie and I have to question my sanity for waiting so long. If you like buttermilk, don't be like me and wait until you have a carton of buttermilk that is close to going bad before making this pie ....more

Mushroom Bourguignon

For many reasons, I have been trying to cut back on our consumption of meat lately. I'm going with the opposite of the meatless Monday trend. I'm trying to make the majority of our meals meatless with only one special meal that includes meat each week, or maybe a couple meals with a much smaller serving of meat such as soups or stews ....more

Bittersweet Chocolate Crunch Bars

*Full Disclosure: I am a HUGE fan of Mast Brothers chocolate, I was not paid to write this post, and I purchased the cookbook myself....more