On living, aging and growing old.

It is important to remember that aging and growing old are not necessarily the same. ~Daisaku Ikeda I cringe whenever my peers claim they’re getting old. Of course years pass and we physically age, but a lot of what they are claiming is more about mindset than time.A friend argued that maybe those people are beaten down by life – they’re getting weary, not getting old. Perhaps.My favorite models in life are my aunts and uncles. Three of them are active on social media and in real life. Here’s a picture:...more

The deeper business of being beautiful inside.

Blue and I saw 12 Years a Slave as soon as it was released in Atlanta. The film was stunning. We dined afterward and talked for hours about the the movie and the myriad topics it inspired: slavery, racism, privilege, wealth, the power of story, literacy, critical literacy and public schooling. We discussed the stories that get told or lost. We noted, with a healthy dose of cynicism, who “history” deems worthy of remembrance. ...more

Autumnal Equinox

Today marks the first day of fall. To be honest, it’s felt like fall for most of the summer here in Georgia. I’m not looking forward to winter, which I’m betting will not be one of our characteristically mild affairs. ...more
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Getting back to great

Just completed a 4.02 mi run - One time for another great run. YEEEEAAAAHHHHH. #running #templebuilding http://t.co/qt4yzGiK7R #RunKeeper...more

...but how do you want to feel?

I’m home, after a day of inspiration. And like I’ve been for the past few months, I’m tired. I’m not bone tired or weary, but I’ve just noticed that I’m not as energized as I used to be. There are many very specific reasons for that, but they all boil down to one: change....more

Bibliophiles, Bookstores and Endings

My mom was a school librarian for 30 years. She retired before 60 as she began working in her early 20s and never stopped. When she told me she was calling it quits, I teased her all the time. “You’re not ready to retire,” I always said. I couldn’t see this smart, vibrant woman no longer getting up and going to work every day.  My picture of retirement was limited to occasional volunteering and philanthropic work. Traveling. All great things she’d done in the past, but things I couldn’t picture her doing in lieu of being in a school library....more
@Karen Ballum I'm with you Karen.  We no longer have any easily accessible bookstores. They are ...more

Seeing to the Ugly

“The less of yourself you feel when you are with someone, the less of them you should probably see!” - Lakara FosterI logged into Facebook this evening, and my friend Tia had the quote above as her status update. I quickly commented, “That’s a word,” and I meant it....more

Pondering Love

Love has been on my mind a lot in recent years. Romantic love, sure, but most often I’m mulling societal love. See, I have a theory: much of what ails society is rooted in distrust and competition. The way we go about healing is rooted in love....more

Stories of Sexual Violence.

I am a survivor of sexual violence.I’ve never stated it publicly, but I’ve hinted about it hereand there. I’m tired of hinting....more

Present Moments and Future Pleasures

Love in the past is a memory. Love in the future is a fantasy.To be really alive, love — or any other experience —must take place in the present.~Jack Kornfield...more