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How I Began My Writing Career

I began my career as a writer (in earnest) three months ago. I started off by joining a bidding site, which I have managed to make a little bit of money from, but which I have also learned a lot of valuable lessons from already. More on that in a minute. I also purchased a copy of the 2013 Writers Market and some other books on writing (to add to my growing library). ...more

My Anti-Resolution Approach to Weight Loss in 2013

The new year is two weeks ahead of me. Somehow, between the kids being out of school for two weeks, a flu that hit all four of them (and the two cousins) and wiped us out for ten days, and the general desire to have just a couple days of doing nothing (except reading some good books of course) I managed to fall very behind. to make it worse, I spent most of this week working on a project that, in the end I had to terminate because the client was asking me to do work that I felt was unethical. She was one of my best paying clients and it was a very uncomfortable situation....more

Hello BlogHers!

I am new here. Obviously. Brand spankin' new, to be more accurate. And this is the most exciting thing I have come across since starting my career as a freelance writer three months ago. ...more
@amna_qazi  Thank you, and welcome!more