A bit of Disney Magic

At Disneyland, I saw a beautiful girl of about fourteen. She was waiting for the Cinderella's Carousel with her mum and dad. As the gate opened, her dad picked her up out of her wheelchair and helped her up onto a horse. A pretty, pink horse with his mane flowing in the imaginary breeze. And as I watched, tears came down my face. A year ago, I might not have thought much of the scene, or I might have looked away, not eager to be seen looking at someone who was disabled....more

Why is this still ok?

Today as I was reading Facebook, I came across a picture that bothered me. Maybe it was my hormones raging, maybe it was my oversensitivity, maybe I'm still coming to terms with having a daughter with dwarfism, I don't know....more

Thinking of Mary

At this time of year, people often do a lot of thinking about the birth of Jesus, about Mary and Joseph, the manger and shepherds and wise men. And a lot of my fellow-bloggers have been doing their share of blogging about their thoughts at this time of the year as well. One of my favourite posts that I have read about Christmas is from the blog of Katy at Bird on the Street....more