Why Having Nothing To Wear Is Making You Broke

Don’t get me wrong, I love to shop, buy a new outfit or two, but I have never been the type of woman who stands in front of my closet saying…I have nothing to wear.  Maybe it is my oversized sense of self or just my decisive nature, but it is just something I don’t do.  Many of my friends agonize over this decision daily, ultimately resulting in the purchase of more (and more and more and more) stuff. ...more

Health Insurance When You Aren’t Covered By An Employer or Medicare

Money Magazine had an interesting article this month about a man who is financially ready to retire at 56 but is not sure how he will handle medical coverage until Medicare kicks in at 65.  This article jumped out at me because even as a very healthy, normal weight, self employed, 30 year old, I have had trouble getting coverage. ...more

If I Get A Divorce, Does My Spouse Still Collect My Social Security Benefits?

Recently, a friend of mine who is getting a divorce asked me this very question.  I had just recently read a Wall Street Journal article by Kelly Greene entitled “Social Security Benefits Don’t End With Divorce” and I summarize the findings below. The answer is yes if your ex spouse:  1) Did not re-marry ...more

Exit Strategy

Who Needs an Estate Plan and Why?   Everyone.  A will tells the world exactly where you want your assets distributed when you die. ...more

Why I Love Financials Right Now

So....I don't usually talk much about buying individual stocks. My philosophy is typically to buy index mutual funds and hold. But sometimes I feel certain stocks or sectors just look too good to be true. That is how I feel about financials right now and this is why I will be putting my 2008 IRA investment into either selected financials or a financial ETF. Let's look at some financial stocks in pictures: ...more

Why The Spreads are Getting Wider

On Friday, the 10 year Treasury note fell to its lowest level since September 2005, 4.01%. Typically 30 year fixed mortgages are tightly associated with the 10 year note. As the 10 year Treasury moves, so does the mortgage rate. But the gap between these two rates have widened substantially in June the difference between the 10 year and 30 year fixed mortgage was 2.22% last week as opposed to just 1.52% in June. Why Did They Move Together To Begin With? ...more

Subprime Mess Only Getting Worse

So over the past year the subprime mortgage industry has gone straight down the tubes. So what is on the horizon? Much worse. ...more

Money Magazine: What Should You Tip?

Money Magazine did a poll in the December 07 issue of what you should tip for the holidays to the people who serve you throughout the year. They sound fair to me...I would be curious to see what others think. Here were the results: Mail Carrier $20 Hair-dresser $20 Cleaning Person $75 Occasional Babysitter $25 Full Time Nanny $270 Gardener/Yard Worker $50 ...more

Last Week's Great Blogs Roundup

Some great articles! How To Put Your Personal Finances On Autopilot http://www.bargaineering.com/articles/how-to-put-your-personal-finances-on-autopilot.html Beating The High Cost of Weddings http://www.getrichslowly.org/blog/2007/11/08/beating-the-high-cost-of-weddings-how-we-did-it-and-how-you-can-too/ ...more

Know Thyself - What is Your Money Personality Type?

I have written a couple articles such as this one and this one on the psychology of money. There is the MBA finance chick side of me who looks at sheer numbers, then there is the realist who says wealth building isn't all about the numbers it is even more about personality and psychology. SO what are the money personality types as I see them: ...more