The perfect pair: The how to on how to find it!

Alright, for me finding a great fitting pair of jeans is the equivalent of finding a great bathing suit....more

Setting boundaries the key to a happier and healthier life

Anytime you have family you have a little dysfunction. It's common that every family has their quarks and issues....more

Make-up Expiration Dates, Why They Matter

Every day or when I'm up to it, I bust out my make-up bag and doll myself up! There are some products in that bag that I've had for years, they are my favorites and products that have been discontinued. I've never thought twice about using these products until a couple days ago! I never once considered that just like the eggs, milk, cheese, and produce in my fridge that even my make-up has an expiration date! ...more
I was right there with all of you with my make-up.  When I saw this I was mortified.  I'm pretty ...more

Mix and Match Holiday Outfits

If you are anything like me, I have to really think about the purchases I make when it comes to clothing. I love fashion but I am also practical when it comes to how much wear I will get out of what I am buying. I love the holiday evening dresses just as much as anyone, but the truth is, I will wear it once maybe twice a year at most. I just don't have those types of occasions that often. So dropping 100+ dollars with a pair of shoes and clutch and accessories to go with it, makes me cringe. That's why I'm all about separates!...more
This is a great post!more

DIY Snow Globes

I don't know about you, but even as an adult, I still love snow globes. There's something magical about watching the snow fall whether it's in a globe or outside....more

Confessions of a Working Mom

Proof that not everyone loves Santa!

It's hard to believe, but not everyone loves Santa! And I have pictures to prove it!...more

The end of the dieting era

Are you tired of dieting? Ready to throw in the towel and quit? Go ahead!...more

Should you answer questions about your past sexual experiences?

This morning a girl friend of mine came over for coffee and girl talk. We found ourselves talking about hair, make-up, upcoming interviews, family, and our relationships....more