6 Ways to Better Your Family Lifestyle Over the Summer

It's been said that practice and consistency are the best way to improve upon a habit. Why not take advantage of the extra time you have this summer to better your family lifestyle? Here are 6 awesome little courses offered on Udemy that you can take quickly and get started on improving during the summer; so when the new school year rolls around you and your family feel more organized, healthier, at ease, and possibly even happier!...more

Improve Your Body, Mind, and Soul This Summer

Summer time – it’s one time of the year that everyone seems to focus on their body image and health. We also think it’s equally important to focus on your mind and soul, not just your body. If you have some free time this summer and would like to better your mind, body and soul – then these awesome online courses may be a great fit! Learn how to grow Glorious Greens to help keep you and your family healthy, or why learn how to break into acting or finally try out yoga?...more

From Junior to Senior : Help Them Get Ready for College

It’s June and we know the last thing you may want to think about is going back to school; especially if you or your child just got out. However, summer can be the perfect time to start planning for your child to get ready for the college life – be it this year, next year or two years from now. A little bit of planning now can save you some serious questions and headaches down the road....more

Stellar Tips and Keynote, PowerPoint Presentation Templates

Presentations are a necessity in the modern business world. It’s a great way to showcase a variety of information while you present your idea. When crafting your presentation you will want build a clear, concise message to keep it memorable and inviting. ...more