See it & Believe it

I came acorss something very beautiful today and it moved me. I printed it out and really want you to do the same. Maybe you don't need to be reminded of this today, but there might come a time where you do need to see it & I hope it makes things better for you, like it did for me.It worked it's magic the instant I saw it.  Feel the loveliness of it yet? Perhaps you need to give it a few minutes to really sink in, it's important to let the smile show, cause guess what?...more


The absence of something supposedly only makes you want it more. I highly doubt that's the case with my writing, but it's been missing from my life lately & subsequently, the blog, so I'm going to try and bring it back.Just not today....more

On the field

Little kids on a baseball field. Something about it quickly brings back memories of elementary & Jr. high school P.E. which was always horrible for me. I have no traumatizing stories of being the last picked for teams or anything like that. Thank heavens! Surprisingly enough, whatever sport we were being forced to play, when it was my turn at bat, if the ball came charging at me down the soccer field, or someone tossed me the ball when I was standing right under the hoop, I always managed to do my part without humiliating myself....more

Strolling in San Francisco

I've said it a million tomes, I love working in downtown San Francisco. Went for a walk and captured the city, a month into spring and it's simply lovely! Found these on the way to lunch in chinatown. Had to grin at the Triton as we passed by. The colors were too pretty to ignore, plus it's one of our hotels & I <3 it....more

From the Ground up.

Last week I ate something for dinner that I shouldn't have, and then I had dessert. Yeah, silly, I know. Fear not, I regretted it a lot. I have these last 20lbs to lose and I've been very complacent about how I was planning on accomplishing this last part of my goal. I've been skipping meals, eating only once, avoiding the gym for no good reason, averaging only 800-900 calories a day, and I feel stupid about it....more

GLEEK alert

My husband is a photographer and yesterday when I came home from work he had the studio all set up in our living room. He does it from time to time to shoot random stuff, sometimes me, usually not....more

Feeling Pretty?

Feeling pretty is a total mystery. It's one of those things that just happens. It might not be every day, it might be a few times per day, whenever it happens, it's fun.While I've been on the weight loss, work out, eat right, get confident journey, it's been kind of hard to feel pretty. Something about changing every single thing about your habits and daily life can take a toll on your self confidence, feeling pretty without a shred of self confidence, is practically impossible....more

They're for you.

One thing we have a TON of around Union Square is flower stands, there are about 5 in a 5 block radius on either side of you at any time. It's freaking fantastic! Yesterday a colleague of mine and I ventured out for a walk and I just had to look like a loony for few minutes to kneel down and snap some quick photos of the flowers.I had to use my iPhone and they are blurry as a result, but I still think they look semi cute enough!...more

Deep Dark Chocolate Chip Breakfast Brownies

Because it's Spring & I love baking & sharing said baked goods with people I like (husband & everyone in my office) Because it was 10:05pm & I couldn't sleep, I made dark chocolate chip brownies....more

North Beach via Chinatown

Last Thursday a couple of very wonderful friends (waving at Roman & Laura) invited my cute husband and I to a comedy club/show in the city. It was set to start around 7:30pm and because I was off work at 530 that day I looked up how far away from Union Square the club was and decided to walk to meet the 3 of them there....more