Google Plus Tips

A weeks ago I was browsing my G+ feed as is usual for my "morning ritual" and thought it a great idea to share some of the things I had learnt about G+ as I see so many bloggers in the various communities I am apart of asking and struggling with G+.The post took me a few weeks to write, I have two blogs and collect drafts and ideas like a crow and shinnies!Firstly presentation, how you share and who you share with are important.Read on over here....more

Best Summer Activities for Kids under 5 years old

If you are trying to find something to do for the entire summer vacation, you need to be imaginative and creative to keep your kids engaged and entertained. Kids mostly feel bored sitting idle at home when there is not a plan in place. They might even want to create their own diversion, which might in turn wreak havoc. ...more