Mermaid or Beached Whale? That is the Question!

Do I feel like a beached whale or a mermaid? That is the question. It's a question we most likely ask ourselves on almost a daily basis. That is at least if u were me who has been battling weight all of my life. I'm sure you may not use the same cliche comparison of a whale, rhino, or walrus however. Lol ...more

Trials of mommyhood

Hi all! I'm a newer mom of a one year old toddler girl. I was married for less than a year when we had her. My hubs and I married in August of 2010 and by November 2010 we were pregnant. I was overjoyed!!! We had planned to have children right away. We had been together for 12 years and felt we were ready. In August 2011 our beautiful baby was born! It's crazy how your life suddenly is no longer your own. I suffered from anxiety and I was literally afraid to be by myself....more
Sorry about the run on paragraph. My other blog page breaks automatically and I didn't realize I ...more