Blended Reality of Mentality TV

I started out with one very different post to speak to the brain numbing reality shows that plaque the lives of our youth and adults with violence, infidelity, degrading of women and lack of respect for …..An all of the across the board insult to some communities. Then it quickly became a four page letter that I knew would be an ineffective point since the people who use 10 percent of their brain on those shows are also the ones who watch those shows....more

Salute to the 82nd Airborne Division

Until you've jumped 1250 ft. into total darkness, 95lbs of equipment and a using a 42 pound parachute, you're still just a leg...........Salute Dad #82ND ABN 1st & 5th SFG 1st/9th #INFANTRY 2ND AD #Armored Division 13thCOSCOM7th #PSYOP 519MI...more

On the run to Prison Break Tattoos

When was the last time you were locked up, behind bars and still given the opportunity to freely express yourself? Well, a time to express artiste without repercussions of your cell mate who may not totally agree with you, given that you have to share space. Could you imagine such a place where you could? If not, it’s ok. You don’t have to imagine -As there is an irrefutable hamlet, along Washington Avenue in Houston, Texas; that provides the experience for you....more

I found the American Dream

How many times have you ever heard someone say, in general- “Get a job Or Get a real job.” in spite of what you do, because they don’t see the earning potential for what it is that you do. Or they really don’t know or understand exactly what it is that you do. Let’s just talk about the ones who don’t have a job. They hear it all the time. “You should get a job, there are jobs out there, and you can’t be choosy”...more

Valentine's Day play book

In no special order, I've presented my Top 5 Valentine’s Day gift, recommendations titled: Special Order. In the past, the gifts that I’ve recommended, attributed to great last minute gift ideas for men to present to the lady in his life. They have also made great surprise gift ideas that were a part of a more planned surprise, for the ladies. As these list of recommendations became a more popular guide in the hands of men who were trying to determine that perfect gift, they circulated and ended up on the ladies desk....more

Inside the Barber shop with Marvin Church

Valentine's Day is just around the corner! Many of you are looking for original gift ideas and sentiments to express Happy Valentines, to the love of your life. Whether it's for your husband, significant other or the important man in your life, and it may be your goal to top what you did last year.Many people will flood the seasonal isle at Walmart, looking for that box of chocolates, teddy bear, maybe even a bottle of wine; before making dinner reservations at your fancy restaurant of choice. Perhaps all of the above along with jewelry and a heartfelt card....more

A brand new kind of me

It's true. I am unapologetic for taking care of myself and giving myself the attention I deserve in spite of the mountain of things naysayers say and do to deflate me. That doesn't equate to ego- that's confidence. There's a big difference. In fact, I'm far from egotistical and far from self- absorbed like some people I know; with an unhealthy addiction to ‘self.’ Which is how I know the difference. I'm a recluse and an introvert. Contrary to what some might think- I'm an INFJ personality- and with that, you should understand exactly why you misunderstand....more

Super Customer Service at Costume SuperCenter

Although I purchased tickets over a month ago for one of the world’s largest tours, also known as Marvel Live Universe; I neglected to begin shopping for a costume or anything of that nature to compliment the atmosphere. Well, all of that is not true. I actually did give thought to it, but what’s a thought without executing action toward fulfillment of that thought? Way too much for me to think about right now....more

AVON 39 The Walk To End Breast Cancer

While October has been declared Breast Cancer awareness month, we all know that it affects families throughout the year. Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women worldwide and the second-most common cancer overall. Early detection and screenings along with educating yourself on the risk factors associated with the diagnosis and understanding treatment can improve your quality of life....more

no make up no filter challenge

I proposed a challenge to my Facebook friends a while back to go raw for a day. The challenged proposed a single day in the public, without makeup, no filter and a selfie post. I did not address the weaves, wigs, extensions and hair piece because we never know what that will uncover. I did not go as far as asking people to post a fully body image of themselves without any clothes on or anything like that. However, I went the extra step with my own post still, to go raw without my wigs; that I often refer to as: My hat selection....more