Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters, is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2015

Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters, is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2015. Papillon (French for “butterfly”) is one of the world’s largest “flightseeing” companies with 4,500 passengers served daily, and nearly 70 state-of the-art helicopters and airplanes. Family owned and operated, its brands include Grand Canyon Helicopters, Grand Canyon Airlines, Grand Canyon Coaches and Scenic Airlines....more

The Eiffel Tower Experience

Eiffel Tower Experience at Paris...more


Sea World and Aquatica San Antonio

With just a few days to go, you still have time to take advantage of Sea World San Antonio, Summer Days and Summer Nights, with longer summer days and new shows through August 16th 2015. San Antonio Sea World is home to infamous rides, such as: The Steel EEL, The Great White, Rio Loco, Grover’s Roundup and Journey of the Atlantis. Also, popular animal shows, featuring one of my favorite of all time, Azul!...more

La Mansión San Antonio and Las Canarias

A five Star Hotel across the board, or should I say across the River walk? With all the necessities in one place just like a mother and every working woman on a mission would hope for, in order to enjoy: business travel, a girls get away, a leisurely weekend trip or even a family vacation. Relaxation and peace of mind was definitely an expectation that was addressed and exceeded, at Omni Hotels and Resorts, La Mansion | San Antonio....more

Dionne | Deon by Freely Speaking: The Baby, The Brand, The Business and Team Cornelius

You have seen the name Freely Speaking at the most recent Fashion Trade shows and we are back. Freely Speaking: The Baby, The Brand, The Business; together with Team Cornelius™ presents a brand new collection. Dionne | Deon™ which is a predominately black and white line of apparel that will include: graphic tees, styles with logo and or self-titled statement (Dionne | Deon™) breaking little barriers in crossing colors, as it is designed as a base for building around with color splashes....more

Strong people stand up for themselves but stronger people stand up for others

Assuming that most of you have children and if not, you have a mother. If not, you have a father, an aunt, a niece or someone really close to you that you love a great deal and would like to see thrive in life. If you have none of the above, you have yourself, whom you love. If the latter is not true, please stop reading here because dead people will not understand the point I am trying to make....more

Real Chat with Go Daddy Agent

I know a lot of moms who have businesses they run from home, in which they use websites and other web services to drive and market their products and services. We usually hold seminars and chat sessions about servicing clients and providing top notch customer service to our customers, as they are the driving force for our business. Occasionally, we run in to the impossible customer, that we just can not please. However, more often than not, we have customers who make very small request and when we are able to adhere to their request, we create a lifetime customer who's loyal....more
The go daddy add on television is disgusting!!!! not only is the lead gal in it offensive ...more


With regard to subjects, topics, political agendas and issues we all wish would just go away; they can, if they didn't exist....more

What's so funny

I probably shouldn’t speak too soon, but I’m glad that the Rachel Dolezal Memes, jokes and other foolery surrounding her race is nearing an end. As much as I tried to ignore the post, it wasn’t a case of blocking someone who made a post; as it all went viral and was in the face of just about anyone who uses the internet as a source of connecting to the world....more