Mother's Day Tribute: For those that call that go by the name, Mother

What do you think of when you think of the term Mother? I think of it as a noun and an adjective. When I refer to the lady, THE WOMAN who gave birth to me, and use the term mother; I am saying this is who and what she is. To say, ‘She’s a Mother’, when you refer to a lady with children, says to me that she encompasses the ability to give tender love and care. She gives of herself to her children who are biologically hers or not. Her work as a caregiver extends beyond her own home and deep into the community. She expends herself in ways that are unimaginable and unconditional....more

Who's really writing the story? The fiction you or the non fiction you..

Can writers have relationships too? Of course they can. We see many writers who maintain healthy relationships that have become lifelong commitments with an added value of experience as well as excitement because of their creative abilities. At the same time, the trials that the writers face in relationships seem to be much of the same across the board. Not so much with regard to their need to stay up late and write during the times that everyone else is asleep or the mental/physical spaces that they need to go to in order to focus on their next masterpiece....more

Some things you just don't need on your plate

When someone says they have a lot on their plate or that their plate is full, I would suggest having some compassion or understanding to what it is they are saying.Have you ever had to explain to someone exactly what’s on your plate in order for them to just get it? Even when you don’t want to, or feel like you should not have to - -for personal reasons or whatever the case may be?...more


On Saturday April 25th and Sunday April 26th 2015, dedicated fighters and long timed survivors of Breast Cancer along with awareness supporters and those determined to press for a cure; will join with Houston Avon 39ers in a walk to end Breast Cancer, as they passionately take to the city streets and sidewalks of Houston, Texas....more

April is Child Abuse prevention month

April is National Child Abuse Prevention month. National Child Abuse Prevention Month is a time to acknowledge the importance of families and communities working together to prevent child abuse and neglect, and to promote the social and emotional well-being of children and families. During the month of April and throughout the year, communities are encouraged to share child abuse and neglect prevention awareness strategies and activities and promote prevention across the country. (

Happy Siblings Day 2015

They yell at you, scream at you, lie on you, fight you, tell on you, say they hate you, steal your clothes and make up, they ruin your amazing blouse and they shrink it while trying to wash it and put it back in the closet un - noticed. Then they cover for you, nurture you, support you, fight for you, defend you, protect you, lie for you, believe in you, cry with you, cry for you, speak up for you, hug you, and love you....more

Easter at our house

Easter at our houseI remember the days, back when our entire family would plan to meet up at my parents’ house for the Annual Easter Egg Hunt. It was a joyous occasion not just because of the Christian celebration of the day he, Jesus, arouse from the dead; also known as resurrection day, but because family came together to fellowship over food, while creating lasting memories.  ...more

The 33rd Annual Houston Chronicle Best Dressed Luncheon and Neiman Marcus Fashion presentation benefiting the March of Dimes

Today marked the 33rd Annual Houston Chronical Luncheon and Neiman Marcus Fashion Presentation, benefiting the March of Dimes; in which was chaired by Rosemary Schatzman. I had the pleasure of asking a few questions to better acquaint myself with the mission, purpose and overall goals of the organization....more

Signs of a healthy relationship

S/O and big thanks to Kevin Hart....more

Blended Reality of Mentality TV

I started out with one very different post to speak to the brain numbing reality shows that plaque the lives of our youth and adults with violence, infidelity, degrading of women and lack of respect for …..An all of the across the board insult to some communities. Then it quickly became a four page letter that I knew would be an ineffective point since the people who use 10 percent of their brain on those shows are also the ones who watch those shows....more