Light The World day 10

LIGHTtheWORLD day 10: Theme: Jesus Helped People Walk and So Can You What we are doing: We have decided to invite a older gentlemen in our neighborhood who is recovering from a recent hospital stay, to go for a walk with our family....more

Christmas In The City

Last night Mr. Nielson and I packed everyone in the car and drove to the colorful and busy Salt Lake City to have our family Christmas photos taken. We've been taking photos each year with Tyler and Wendy (Blue Lily) since 2008 ....more

He's home.

Mr. Nielson is HOME from the ranch. He walked in the door, put down his bags, kissed me,...more

Just a trim.

Join me today at 10:00 (MDT)to chat! Tonight I took my three girls to get trims. When I told Lottie she was going to get her haircut, she frowned and big tears welled up in her big brown eyes ....more

In our hearts

Last night together as a family, we talked about how we can each honorChristmas with more meaning and reverence. We want to honor Christ in our hearts, in our homes, in our neighborhood and in the world. We have committed to "Light the World" for 25 days in 25 ways ....more

Me and My Cowboy

This past weekend I flew to New Mexico to join Mr. Nielson (along with Boss and Mary) at the annual cattle convention. The convention is bunch of cowboys/cowgirls (actually its more like a bunch of cowfamilies learning more about their cattle, wildlife, land rights, environmental issues that effect them, ...more

#LIGHTtheWORLD day 4

LIGHT THE WORLD Day 4: Jesus Worshiped His Father and So Can You #LIGHTtheWORLD ...more

#LIGHTtheWORLD day 3

LIGHT THE WORLD: Day 3Jesus Helped Others To See And so Can You. #LIGHTtheWORLD ...more

Favorite Memories

I finally got Fox Hill decorated for Christmas. It took me days, but I did it. I blasted Frank Sinatra throughout the house and cleaned, organized and decorated ....more

Snow Day

It's been snowing in Utah!! The ski resorts are gearing up for the season (and some are already open). Earlier this week Mr ....more