Pizza on the porch.

Last Friday to kick off our Labor Day weekend, ...more

Labor Day '14

Happy Labor Day from my family to yours:(and Happy September too!) What is Labor Day? ...more

Three exciting things:

Here are three exciting things happening this weekend: 1. I can put piggies in Lotties hair. 2. College football begins 3 ....more

An afternoon with the Little Nies

Since the Little Nies are in school now, its a lot quieter around here. (Which I like and am grateful for). But when they step foot in the front door after school- our day is non-stop ....more

Ride to Freedom

A few weeks ago, Mr. Nielson was honored to jointhe jump team for Operation Underground Railroad (or O.U.R.) He and some of the coolest guys you'll ever meet prepared physically...more

Lottie behind my bed.

I asked Lottie to get a few things that had fallen behind my bed. She was excited to fit her little petite body behind our large wooden headboard. She attempted to retrieve my beloved back-scratcher and mysleeping mask that had fallen down the crevasse never to be seen again ....more


When Mr. Nielson and I began building Fox Hill,...more

Back to School Feast 2014-15

This year Mr. Nielson and I both prayerfully agreed on our family theme. The quote was taken from a talk given by ...more

Back to School Feast preview....

Well, we did it!...more

First day of school 2014

Today was the first day of school for the Little Nies. Jane complained of a stomach ache and stayed home. ...more