Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween...more

Punkin pickin

On the last day of fall break, Mr. Nielson and I took the Little Nies ...more

Claire is a teenager

Today my oldest child and daughter is 13. Claire Elizabeth is a teenager. I often look at Claire and see myself....more

Operation Underground Railroad

{Some of the heroes of OUR } Watch this news report about the amazing organization O.U.R....more

Speaking at Disneyland

Last Thursday, Mr. Nielson and I packed up the Little Niesand headed to sunny California....more

Public thank you!!!

I went to my PO box and was overwhelmed with love....more

Feeling so much better.

I have been feeling so much better. Lottie and I move around the house doing a little of this and that. We make cookies, read books, go for walks, make beds,...more

Deer Camp 2014

Each year the menfolk in my family plan a "deer camp"....more

Mormon boy

Nicholas Jones turned eight on October 6th, and was ...more

I am back.

I am back. Taking a few days off was so good for me. I am feeling so much better....more