Button hell

I think we all have different visions of what hell will be like....more

Music to my ears.

I have a wooden box on my kitchen table...more

Strong legs

Today while on my daily hike, I waved to a woman ...more

Pizza on a Monday

Tonight was a little out of order for our family....more

A sick weekend

Our weekend was a sick one. Poor Lottie girl caught one heck of a virus,...more


Today I went to another Dr appointment with Dr. Jensen and Claire joined me. Her dream and goal is to be a labor and delivery nurse....more

Thoughts on the trail.

Today on the trail I thought about: -Spring!...more

St Patricks Day 2015

I love holidays, so it's no surprise that we celebrated St. Patrick's Day like we do with all the other holidays on the calender- big. I used to make green pancakes and...more


Today I spent way more time than I should have trying to untangle my necklaces. Heaven knows how they got so tangled, but they did. I told my kids I would pay them 2 bucks if they could get them untangled....more

Dear Monday,

Dear Monday, Lets be friends today. Because even saying the word "Monday" makes me tired ....more