Jump the Gun

Over the weekend we had a lovely rainstorm that lasted most of the weekend. It was cold, cozy, and fantastically dreary. Little by little this past month I have methodically taken out...more

Rising Star

Last night I had the opportunity to speak at the ...more


I know these leaves will be dead and crumble off thier branches tomorrow,...more

I only get one chance.

I am chatting today! ...more

Sticking to my guns

After our meager Family Home Evening tonight,...more

The weekend I took the Little Nies to Heaven.

I took the Little Nies for a ride through...more

Weekend Plans

This weekend I am going to: Go for a fall drive in the mountains to see the Autumn colors Watch the BYU football game Put pool furniture away Drink a Dr. Pepper Pull out flannel sheets/comforters (It's time) Get a few Halloween books out RELAX Hike Church Hot date (ehhhh Mr. Nielson?) How about you? ...more

I did my best.

I have a few speaking events coming up and today spent half...more

Creeping in

Come one, come all! ...more

The BIG Mess

Today was not my favorite day. It started off fine, but progressively got worse. I have days like that...I think we all do ....more