Spring Cleaning at Fox Hill

We are Spring cleaning here at Fox Hill. We are preparing to lay sawed (grass) sometime soon (fingers crossed). We are letting the boys earn something they have had their eye on for...more

The HUNT 2015

Each year my sister Lucy and her husband Andrew open up their "farm"...more

Woman's Session

Saturday evening,...more

Button hell

I think we all have different visions of what hell will be like....more

Music to my ears.

I have a wooden box on my kitchen table...more

Strong legs

Today while on my daily hike, I waved to a woman ...more

Pizza on a Monday

Tonight was a little out of order for our family....more

A sick weekend

Our weekend was a sick one. Poor Lottie girl caught one heck of a virus,...more


Today I went to another Dr appointment with Dr. Jensen and Claire joined me. Her dream and goal is to be a labor and delivery nurse....more

Thoughts on the trail.

Today on the trail I thought about: -Spring!...more