Summer on the Ranch day 5

It was a good day at the ol ranch. No snakes...yet and more hot hot sun. In the afternoon, after lunch and once the sun hid behind the clouds,...more

Summer on the Ranch Day 4

Today was hot. ...more

Summer on the Ranch day 3

This morning Nicholas ran into my room and told me that our barn cat...more

Summer at the ranch day 2

Early this morning before the ranch house awoke, Mr. Nielson and I ...more

Summer on the ranch day 1

When we rolled to the ranch late Saturday afternoon, the clouds had begun to form in big dark clumps....more

Friends by the Fire.

Last weekend my darling friend Katie invited my little ...more


Today I took all the Little Nies on a few errands with me. ...more


Lets Chat today! I don't know if it's because Mr. Nielson is gone...more

Time is flying by

I feel like this photo captured my weekend. I don't even know why really, it just does. It was busy ....more

A Mouse in the House

Just before Dr. Lettieri walked out of the room, I mustered my courage, but tried to act...more