Interview without a jacket.

Today while here in Arizona Mr. Nielson and I interviewed for a ...more

It's gonna be OK.

On our way to Arizona we stopped at a gas station to refuel the car. Next to us was a man in a jumpsuit who was also filling his car up with gas. This was a familiar jumpsuit that I have seen air-medics wear ....more

Hold On To What Matters

Happy Monday!! We are headed over the river and through the woods...more

Chatbooks....I am doing it.

Last week, my family filmed a short video with Chatbooks....more

Beauty Rises Update 4

A few weeks ago a reporter (Morgan Jones) came to my home and...more

Paris and Peace

{Mr. Nielson and I are hosting a one on oneprivate chat today...more

I love us.

I took this photo of Mr. Nielson as he was...more

Brave Baylee

I heard the news last night that my fellow burn survivor ...more

Beauty Rises update week 3

I have been looking forward to Friday night since Monday morning! ...more

Across Fox Hill

A few days ago Ollie and Nicholas asked me if they could play at...more