Ranch 2015 Day 4

Day 4 at the homestead was actually quite chilly. ...more

Ranch 2015 Day 3

Today's objective: practice shooting with the Little Nies. As soon as we pulled up to the shooting area,...more

Ranch 2015 Day 2

This sunset killed it tonight at the homestead. But lets start at the beginning of the day. After my glorous ranch run,...more

Ranch 2015 Day 1

We made it safety to the ranch. Right when we got on the ranch property, the seat belts flew off and the Little Nies stuck their heads out the windows and pretty much screamed the whole way to the ranch house. It is exceptionally green here for this time of year ....more

Summer to me

This photo is summer to me. ...more

Pioneer Day!

Happy Pioneer Day Utah! Today we celebrate our brave, amazing, hardcore, and courageous ...more

BUD/S (Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL) Training for kids

Mr. Nielson turned into commanding officer Nielson and prepared ...more

Lets Chat!

I often share publicly here on my blog about my Mormon religion....more

Go Jane(s)!

If you are wondering, Project Lunch is still going strong here at Fox Hill. ...more

Be Brave Baylee

Yesterday Mr. Nielson and I went to theUniversity of Utah Burn Center in Salt Lake City....more