Soft Enough For A King

Last Night we had our weekly Family Night....more

Happy Birthday to Mr. Nielson!

Yesterday Mr. Nielson turned 37. My mom reminded me about the time we celebrated his...more

Thanksgiving 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!! ...more

Interview without a jacket.

Today while here in Arizona Mr. Nielson and I interviewed for a ...more

It's gonna be OK.

On our way to Arizona we stopped at a gas station to refuel the car. Next to us was a man in a jumpsuit who was also filling his car up with gas. This was a familiar jumpsuit that I have seen air-medics wear ....more

Hold On To What Matters

Happy Monday!! We are headed over the river and through the woods...more

Chatbooks....I am doing it.

Last week, my family filmed a short video with Chatbooks....more

Beauty Rises Update 4

A few weeks ago a reporter (Morgan Jones) came to my home and...more

Paris and Peace

{Mr. Nielson and I are hosting a one on oneprivate chat today...more

I love us.

I took this photo of Mr. Nielson as he was...more