This was me in first grade....more

Same same.

Do you take the same photos of your children without even knowing it? The photo on the left is of Nicholas in 2010 when he was four. The photo on the right of of Charlotte in 2012 when she was 8 months ....more

Yarn branches

Welcome Monday! This is a big week for our little family. I am excited to have our first Thanksgiving here at Fox Hill! ...more

Beautiful Heart Pillow

I made a pillow. ...more

Christmas photo's past

It's that time of year again...Christmas! Today I am preparing for our family Christmas photos....more

Yum, Yum gingerbread

Jane loves to cook....more

Vacumming in November

Lottie discovered the suction attachment part of the vacuum today. It happened when I was vacuuming the stairs. She kept asking if she could do it ....more

Career Day for Claire

It was "Job Shadow Day" at Claire's middle school last week. Claire has expressed to me several times her desire...more

Mrs. Nielson

We had our first snow storm!!!!! It was exciting and cozy, and I loved every bit of it. Mr ....more

You can almost hear it....

Today Lottie sat in her chair while I played...more