Final Destination: Motherhood (via Postpartum Depression and other Unplanned Stops)

The brochure for Motherhood, a province of Parenthood, features a new mom gazing lovingly at her son and promises beautiful sentiments like Love, Adoration, and Joy.  What a destination!  I signed up, packed my bags, and couldn’t wait to arrive. One learns quickly, however, that there isn’t a direct, non-stop flight to Motherhood that conveniently drops you off at the front door; it’s more like a bumpy bus ride with a mad-cap driver, and everyone takes a unique route....more
Love the travel metaphor, totally works with this trip called "Motherhood!"  I'm glad you made ...more

Today I Am a Mother

Today is my birthday. This morning my 2 ½ year-old son, Henry, handed a bouquet of flowers to me and said, “Happy Birthday Mama!” He proceeded to perform his trademark jig while singing a toddlerized version of “Happy Birthday.” This was topped only by the enormous hug he gave me afterwards. Today, I am definitely a Mother. And a happy one, at that. But for the first half of his life, I wasn’t really his mother. ...more
I can so relate to your journey you've been on. I'm glad to hear it all worked out well for you. ...more