Family Photo Year 3

Life is anything but normal right now. Everything we do feels like it is in preparation for the twins. Buying a couple of extra sticks of deodorant, ...more

The Invasion of Ponies and Pink Ribbons

I declared my return to blogging with good intentions. Then we had a bit of a set back that we had to cope with before sharing the news...Our donut loving baby boy is going to be a big brother to 2 baby girls. Meet Baby A and Baby B ....more

Road Tripping with Kiddos

Before we left on our 30 hour road trip to the Oregon Trail I broke the news that our cargo would consist of a 1.9 and 3.9 year old. Mile 5, they look happy, right?...more


I just stole this picture off of someone else's blog, but I couldn't have said it better myself.We had a great time on our month long journey to Oregon, but we are so glad to be back in our own house, sleeping in our own beds, peeing in our own toilets and regaining some kind of routine, especially for the toddler in the family.There was a lot of this... Way too much of this... Oscar and I had the pulse on every donut shop across the state of Oregon.And some really special celebrations like this.. ....more

Checking In before I Check Out

It's been a little over a month since I have blogged. Time warp for Mrs. Lovely!Summer has officially started, even though the weather majorly sucks in Duluth, and we are packing the car and driving to Oregon for a month ....more

Just Hanging Out

No home improvements to report on. Still obsessively collecting junk. Looking forward to a long weekend with my sister and nieces ....more

Oscar's Stormy Kromer

Oscar has two security blankets, he calls his night time pacifier a pacibal, for a time he was so attached to his daycare teacher that she had trouble stepping out of the room, he is wildly passionate about airplanes, trains and reading books, he loves the outdoors and we read Ted and Fred Go Camping a minimum of 6 times a day. His newest attachment is his Stormy Kromer ....more

Junk Hunt Report

The Junk Hunt was a huge success for Janette and I.  ...more

Hunting for Junk?

Janette and I set up our booth at the Junk Hunt headquarters tonight and we are ready to move some junk starting tomorrow morning at 10AM ....more

3 days till the Junk Hunt

I have been squirreling away in the basement every night for the past 2 weeks getting ready for the Junk Hunt. I am regretful that I didn't get more before pictures of the junk, because those are the shots that make customer's eyeballs springy ....more