ADHD Tips for Parents Infographic

Parents will often ask me what else they can do besides give there kids medication to address ADHD symptoms and behaviors.  These symptoms are related to low activity in the brain's frontal lobe. This infographic details some of the things kids will naturally do to address these deficits and offer some good alternatives.  Visit our site for more posts in the series ADHD Tips for Parents.  What have you tried to help yourself or your kids with ADHD?...more

10 Self-Care Tips for Parents with Kids on the Spectrum

When do I possibly have time for a nap? It's about how to find the time. I often discuss the importance of self-care with parents of clients on the Spectrum. Self-care is incredibly important in any situation that is demanding, stressful, and time-consuming. Research conducted in 2009 at University of Wisconsin-Madison indicates that mother's of children with autism have stress levels comparable to combat veterans.How individual families go about managing time for self-care will depend on their circumstances. We don't expect all of these suggestions to work all of the time, for everyone in every situation, but hopefully they can help you brainstorm creative ways to take good care of yourself...more

Lack of Resources for Adults with Autism

I frequently work with parents of adult children with Autism.  I realize more than ever that children with Autism, don't suddenly grow out of it at age 18.  Many of our clients are older and I am always looking for appropriate resources and outlets.There are no easy answers in these cases.  Sometimes we refer parents to group homes.  Sometimes we can accomodate the adult child in the home with attendants and paid caregivers....more