3 Cheers for Boys

Boy (n) - A noise with dirt on it. If you have boys, you know the truth of that statement.  My youngest never has a clean face.  This is not for lack of my trying.  I wipe that angelic little face a thousand times a day.  It's just that he's a magnetic force no speck of dirt can resist.  His face is streaked with sweat, tears and grime.  His mouth in ringed with the last food he ate.  And this is 10 seconds after I've cleaned him and he's not been given any other food. That's a boy. My oldest is obsessed with dinosaurs and Apache he...more

Saying Good Bye

Dear Sammi, I miss you so much!  We always joked that you likely thought the world would come to a crashing hault when you died as you made it clear you thought we couldn't do anything right without you.  You were darn near right.  Although it does go on without your soulful eyes, stubby wagging tail, and constant nagging, it is lacking.  The world became a less beautiful place when you left it.  Our world did, at least. When you chose us that fateful day nearly 13 years ago at the humane society our lives were altered....more

Vacation Madness

Monday morning our family is leaving for a vacation in Disneyworld.  There are 10 of us going in all, as it's my husband's entire family.  My young boys do not yet know they are even going on vacation, and the anticipation is KILLING ME!!!! It has been so hard to keep this secret.  Their teenage cousins know we're going, so we were sure someone would slip up.  My kids know we WANT to do a trip like this sometime in the next year or two, and that is all that has saved us.  Whenever their Pappa has slipped up, they thought he was talking about it in the future...more

The house that Rage built

Something has been weighing on my heart and mind since we moved into our house.  It's our neighbors, and how very sad their house is.  It's the sole detractor to my home, one that we got for a steal and have worked since to rehab and make our own.  Our home is big and open and filled with the stomping patter and ringing laughter of two insanely active boys and an aging but still sassy and bossy dog.  We get along very well with all our neighbors.  We wish there were more kids matching in age to our own, but we make it work.  Except for that one house,...more

Parenting and pets go hand in hand

If you've ready any of my posts you know I am a big proponent of kids having pets.  We are the current proud parents of an older dog and two geckos.  As soon as my oldest gives up the training wheels we will be adding a fish for him.  If he can hold out, by Christmas little bro has earned his much desired turtle.  They lovingly care for their pets, and are learning great responsibility.  What I was reminded of last night, however, is the benefits for us as parents having pets has given. Dogs clean up dropped and spilled food.  I don't know how people wi...more

Building Confidence in an insecure child

My oldest is lacking in confidence.  He was not born with that "can do" attitude every parent tries so hard to instill in their offspring.  Even as his father and I praise him for his efforts in learning something new, something hard, and he sincerely is doing well at it, he believes he's not because it's not perfect or easy.  We do not offer false praise, do not condemn failed attempts at all, but we do applaud effort and progress.  Since he was a baby, though, he won't even try it until he's convinced he's mastered it. I have a similar disposition.  I'm af...more

Kids and Pets...it's a beautiful, messy thing

I grew up with pets.  We always had dogs, and after I discovered the "sucker" sign on my softie Dad's forehead, cats as well....more

The Power of a Kind Act

If you've watched the news just in the past year, you probably fear the world has turned all evil and want to keep your little babies in the house with you forever.  And I don't blame you.  As a direct result of a handful of truly evil, disturbed people we all now think twice about going to the movies, attending college classes, sending our kids to elementary school, shopping at the mall, and now even running in marathons.  It is disgusting and senseless.  But today in a clear act of avoidance of the news out of Boston that makes me cry I read a feel good story on yahoo....more

It was the Best of Times, it was the Worst of Times

If you've been a parent for more than, say, a minute, you know that nearly every day is a mix of good times and bad.  We love our kids, but there is a very good reason people talk about how tough it can be to parent our beloved little sociopaths.  This past weekend I experienced this in vivid clarity. See, our kids are a work in progress.  The saying goes "Please be patient, God isn't finished with me yet".  And it's so true.  What it leaves out is that they aren't done with themselves yet, either.  They are figuring things out, finding out who they are...more

Chuck E Cheese Birthday party = Mommy Hell

For the past year my oldest has stated that for his 6th birthday we would be having his party at Chuck E Cheese.  For that same amount of time Daddy and I have offered every possible alternative on the planet trying to change his mind, but he was steadfast.  The boy knows his mind, and there was no changing it.  So Chuck E Cheese it was. For those fortunate souls who have not shared this experience, let me list the reasons these parties are Mommy Hell: 1.  The noise.  Oh, the noise.  His 5th birthday was the first party outside of the house with...more