Females - are we all being too nice?

Over the course of a month, my good friend has gone through one of the hardest break-ups I have ever heard of. It was 8 years, and it ended sunddenly and without an explanation. Without getting into the nitty gritty details of the situation, the guy was a douche (sorry I'm not sorry). ...more

Ex's at weddings?

So I ran into a little tiff with my boyfriend's sister today. She's throwing a family party and has invited my boyfriends ex-fling to the event. I was intially upset but saw that it was inevitable that this girl would be uninvited to the event - ugh!I'm a strong spoken women so I always speak my mind and always ask questions when I feel like I don't understand a situation. I confronted the sister and asked her what's up with that - her answer amazed me. ...more