A marzipan obsessed country - creating holiday candy in Denmark

Marzipan, soft hazelnut nougat and chocolate, are a huge part of Danish Christmas candy. We make all sorts of creations with these three ingredients; marzipan balls covered with chocolate, nougat squares with almonds, marzipan animals, snowballs, marzipan logs. During December, we can’t get enough, and I am very Danish in that sense....more

Combining two interests

NFL season has just started, and I’m so excited- Go Giants!!...more

One year of blogging


5 Things I Love, right now

So I’ve decided to add a new little feature to the blog; “ 5 things I love, right now”Basically it’s a small list – with pictures of course – of anything that I like at this moment. It will be anything from food, beauty products to interior design, brands to restaurants. I will try and make a list each month. Uhh can’t wait to get started!What are some of the things you love right now? Here we go – 5 things I love, right now. Normann Copenhagen...more

Homemade beef and pepperoni lasagna

Rice pudding- a Danish Christmas must

It is not a Danish Christmas without risengrød. Risengrød is a rice porridge served with a dollop of butter in the middle and cinnamon sugar sprinkled on top....more

Christmas is here!

I have been holding back on the Christmas spirit, since it seems that Christmas comes sooner and sooner each year – this year I saw Christmas decoration in September….September! So I have been holding back. But not any more, it’s the 1st of December and I am looking forward to the next month and everything it brings; Christmas lunches, baking, get-togethers, a trip to Tivoli, gløgg (mulled wine) snow- if we’re lucky and all the lovely Christmas candy....more

Domestic Jamie Oliver project

I have a new domestic project – I’ve decided to cook my way through one of Jamie Oliver’s cookbooks.  I have quite a few cookbooks but have not been using them as much as I’d like. So I decided to pick a book and cook as many recipes from it as possible....more