My Sentimental Summer Journey

Celebrating Women's Day 100th Anniversary in Denver

International Women’s Day is March 8, 2011 and women across the globe will be gathering in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the event.  From Bangor to Bangladesh, Miami to Mozambique,  and, of course, Denver, Colorado, many celebrities, athletes, political figures, and business owners from every walk of life will come together to honor women and to speak about women’s issues and what all of us can do to “enlighten women’s hearts and empower women’s minds…for a better world.”   In Denver, Colorado, Nina Nichols, CEO a...more

Visit to USS Vinson Navy Aircraft Carrier! What a rush!!

I have the extreme privilege of being invited for a distinguished visitor overnight embark aboard this amazing Navy aircraft carrier, the USS Vinson, for a rare first-hand look at life aboard the carrier! We are departing from San Diego North Island and flying by C-2A to the ship. I will be observing flights operations, during the day & night, and touring spaces above & below the hangar bay, and dining with the ship’s crew....more

Clearly, I am not THE President! Apologies -- I should have said President, ResolutionResearch.commore