Mr. Miyagi: Wash on, Wash off

Have you ever seen The Karate Kid?  I know Mr. Miyagi.  That’s my father.  When I came back home from college and didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life, he made me pull weeds and plant flowers.                             ...more

Another Slimmer Story

Tank Slimmer: Wrinkles Due to Tight Fit and Acrobatic Removal...more

Am I Sexy or High Maintenance?

Eat Pray Love

These are some of the random thoughts I have when I try to meditate…You can’t unsay what you didn’t say.  ...more

Ask god to googe it?

So I have a serious question for the almighty google, what if they go out of business?  I mean what if google's stock tanks?  What happens to my blog?  I should probably google it.  God knows I don't back anything up......more

Singing to My Own Tune

Me as  freshman in High School:I am wasting the next 72 minutes of my life at the Secretary of State.  Why is waiting in a line for me the equivalent of a slow unpredictable death?  I hate lines.  I hate waiting.  Sometimes I just hate time itself....more

Let Freedom Ring...(on your cell phone)

Do you realize how lucky we are, I mean you have some kind of device whether it be a computer, a tablet or a phone with which to read this.  You have the luxury to read a blog!  I have the luxury to write one....more

Join my Cult...We've got Kool-Aid!

Supreme Mistake by Court

The Supreme Court just made a supreme mistake:  They decided employers don't have to pay for birth control....more

Love and Marriage

Today's my parents 42nd anniversary.  It makes me wonder what marriage really is.  They had an arranged marriage and somehow stayed together for more than forty years.  I know people who dated for  almost a decade and then got a divorce. So what does marriage mean?...more
As a married woman, I happen to agree with a number of your assertions.  As a young woman I ...more