Midori Melon Cupcakes, #ChristmasWeek, #Freund

Midori Melon, Sailor Moon, Pocky are but a few Japanese imports which seem to have caught the fancy of Americans and Australians. Every time I mention the liquor, manga or cookie biscuits, I am amazed by...Read more at NinjaBaking.com  ...more

#Holiday 2013, Saketini Christmas Balls, #CookieWeek

Cookie Week days are chock full of goodies to support scrumptious celebration of the holidays. Sweets are key to any party in Japan. However, no significant celebration is complete without sake rice wine. From ancient times, sake was offered up in gratitude to the gods after a bountiful harvest. Later, the Japanese government actually created a Department of Sake! One of Japan’s samurai leaders also decreed ...Read more at NinjaBaking.com. ...more

Cuisinart Giveaway Contest + The Ninja Baker's Recipes for Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream & S'Mores Ice Cream

Cuisinart Giveaway Contest + The Ninja Baker’s Recipes for S’More Ice Cream & Matcha (Green Tea) Ice Cream Contest and recipe details at NinjaBaking.com ...more

Immaculate Baking Japanese Bento Boxes

Love translates to food in so many languages. Caring for our families and ourselves so that we reap the blessings of longevity can start with serving organic and non-GMO products. But fun is also an essential part of good living. So, this Ninja Baker created 3 kid-friendly Immaculate Baking Japanese bento lunch box-making projects...Read more at NinjaBaking.com. ...more

Mini Baked Alaskas, #Chocolate Party

 As a child didn’t the adults in your life ask, “What do you want to be and do when you’re a grownup?”How did you reply? I dreamed of being a royal princess. Whenever the ever-so genteel Crown Princess Michiko (now the Empress of Japan) appeared on television, my heart ached to embody such grace and enjoy such luxury. The yearning was exacerbated the day I was served Baked Alaska at the Imperial Hotel…Read more at NinjaBaking.com...more

3 Corns with a Japanese Accent, #SundaySupper

Giggling children skip and jump through garden sprinklers.  Steaks sizzle on barbecues. Star-spangled fireworks decorate velvet skies.  It’s summertime in the USA; the season of summer parties and Independence Day festivities…Read more at NinjaBaking.com ...more

Japanese Picnic Bento Boxes, #SundaySupper

The Ninja Baker cordially invites you to a virtual picnic at NinjaBaking.com:Japanese Picnic Bento Boxes, #SundaySupperSummer in Japan is sweltering hot. Fans work overtime. Shutters are thrown wide open. The occasional breeze will set off the sounds of the furin garden wind chimes. Light and lovely, it’s as if fairies are making music....more

Chinese Almond Cookies & Orange Cake Bon Bons, #BakedwithLove

From NinjaBaking.com...One Sunday morning (circa age 9), I tiptoed downstairs to the kitchen and baked a surprise coffee cake out of Betty Crocker cookbook for children. The scents of baking butter, sugar and spice were enchanting. More magical still were the smiles on the faces of my family....more

Dessert Bento Box, #Chocolate Party

You're invited to a #Chocolate Party sponsored by Roxana's Home Baking.  The Ninja Baker provided dessert bento boxes. ...more