Yarn Hangings

When I was eight years old I had this awesome hand loom. It had alternating action and it's own shuttle. I made a few things on it but I could never get my stuff to look right ....more

Happy New Year | 2015 Holidays Mini

This New Year's Eve party was so laid back and so fabulous. ...more

Oh What Fun | December Daily 24-25

Well, only about two weeks late and just when everyone is completely over the whole holiday season thing. In fact, just today I saw our Christmas blowing down the street after it was ensnared by the garbage truck and then broke free of it's bonds. ...more

Oh What Fun | December Daily Says 22-23

We wrote our letters to Santa today. ...more

Our Christmas Pan

This is one of my favorite old recipes from my blog and I thought it would be fun to revisit it. ...more

Oh What Fun! | December Daily Day 20&21

Today was a "snow day", except the snow was all fake of course. We probably aren't due for snow here for another ten years....more

Oh What Fun! | December Daily Day 19

This is my Day 19 for December. This was a very big important first for our family, so I had to write about that. ...more

Oh What Fun! | December Daily Day 18

Today while we were out at a friends place (where I took no pictures), I got to see a new trick from Lakshman. It was just him shaking his head back and forth then laughing. It's not a development milestone ....more

Oh What Fun! | December Daily Day 17

Trying to get a decent picture of these kids all dressed up, after having eaten half their body in chocolate and cookies, was next to impossible....more

Oh What Fun! | December Daily Day 16

Today's story is about our trip to the children's museum. Lots of days off from school means lots of outings and keeping busy....more