Project Life | Black & White and making it work.

This Week| Moving in, getting settled....more

First Day Of Kindergarten and Preschool.

Luckily we had plenty of preparation for this day. Meetings with Nandini's teacher at home and at school. We already knew Avinash's teacher from summer camp ....more

These three.

Lakshman: Seven months old today....more

Home Tour | Playroom Makeover

Sometimes it amazes me that we ever bought the house we did....more

This happened.


Project Life | Yes, Indeed.

This Week| Avinash's last week of ballet for the season....more

A Different kind of blog hop

Hi! I was tagged by two wonderful scrappy ladies for a scrapbookers blog hop that has been making the rounds....more

Project Life | #DFTBA

This Week| Let it go (actually that's every week, but I had to document it sometime)....more

Project Life| You are my fave

This week| Met up with old friends from Houston. Did the usual rounds of dance class, yoga and checking in on the new house. Avinash and Nandini also had their class play for Chinmaya ....more

Mini Scrapbooks | Walt Disney World Mini, part one

As promised here is a look at the inside of my Walt Disney World Mini Book....more