Entrepreneurial lessons

There is one thing I never want to stop doing, and that is learning. The more you know, the better. I haven’t written much about mine and my husband’s work towards being bar owners ....more

My Aggie Story

“Howdy!” I said into the microphone, praying my voice didn’t crack. The room instantly grew silent and a resounding, “HOWDY!” came back at me. “That’s so cool!” I said...more

Breaking Busy

For years now, when someone would ask me, “How are you?” I’d take a deep dramatic breath and say, “Busy! How are you?” to which the response was usually an understanding nod and, “Saaaame here.” Busy. I was thankful to be busy ....more

An old favorite returns


So what about you…?

It’s been a month since I last blogged… a busy month. I chatted with my brother on the phone last night and he asked what I’ve been up to since Christmas and I was a bit stumped on how to respond. What HAVE I been up to in the last month? ...more


Does anyone else have memories as a child that are more like snapshots in a photo album? Or maybe they’re more like short Vine videos that when you click on them they play in a loop. I click memories like that a lot at Christmas ....more

The girl with the green lips

My husband and I went out to dinner for his birthday last night. The girl that greeted us at the door had purplish hair and green lipstick. As a future business owner in a service industry field, my knee-jerk thought was, “Note to self, make sure employees know nothing like this will be allowed ....more

Photo Challenge catch-up

Oh November… always so busy. Always so much to do with not enough time… So I’ve had to give up on the blogging side of my photo challenge, but the photos are still rolling! Nov ....more


It hit 80 yesterday. In November. I loved it! ...more


Art of any sort is intensely personal, but I think of all the arts… music...more