Photo feature

I had a Five on Friday planned to post, but after spending the last day editing a month’s worth of photos… I wanted to share my favorites of those instead. ...more

[Booklook] — 20 Short Ones

What’s upon a time and read 200+ page book in just a few hours. Today I can’t even seem to keep up with all the blogs I want to read. So when I saw 20 Short...more

August 15th

I made this post to my private Facebook page, but upon re-reading it I decided to share it here as well. ...more

100 Happy Days

Yesterday, I finished a 100-days-long photo challenge on Instagram. 100 Happy Days The challenge was the take a picture of something that makes you happy for 100 days straight. An easy challenge, right? ...more

Five on Friday: Keeping organized

Today’s Five on Friday brought to you by the August NaBloPoMo prompt: What tools do you use to keep organized so things on your to-do list don’t slip through the cracks? 1. A good old-fashioned written to do list. There’s just something about writing out a to do list that I love ....more

Five on Friday: Important happenings right now

My jaw hurt all day yesterday. I eventually realized it was tension and stress related, because the pain faded the closer I got to Texas and much-needed weekend AWAY from Nashville… 1. #SavePrintersAlley — This endeavor has taken on a life all its own ....more

Printer’s Alley

Seven and a half years ago I married my husband. Around that same time I found myself in another love affair: with Printer’s Alley. I began going down to the Alley with my husband, who played a regular jam night on Tuesday nights in one of the bars there ....more

[Book Review] — How to Stay Sane in a Crazy World by Sophia Stuart

Let’s face it, we live in a craaaaazy world. I know I spend more time feeling overwhelmed with to do lists, places to be, etc. than I care to admit ....more

Sunday Adventure-day

Ever have a day that starts out all laid back. Turns really weird. Then ends with you just feeling… rejuvenated? ...more