Stir fried paneer and mushroom

Todays recipe is an easy and a fun side dish that can be put together in just 15mins. And, it tastes absolutely delicious. I wish all recipes were like this ....more

Roasted tomato habanero salsa

Today I am blogging about one of my favorite condiments. Yes. The Salsa happens to be one my favorite condiments these days ....more

Carrot coriander soup

I am back with a recipe for a simple yet heart warming soup. I love this soup. Simply because it is one of those soups which can be made with a handful of ingredients that are readily available in the pantry and with a minimal fuss ....more

Banana Chocolate bread

This bread is our current obsession. We just don't seem to get enough of this sweet tea loaf. Purvi has been asking me to bake something with chocolate in it ....more

Ellu Bella for Shankranti

The last time I checked, it was the beginning of the new year. And blink!!! a good two weeks has whizzed past and Shankranti is already here!!! ...more

Coconut caramel ice cream

Hello friends!!! Do you still remember me? This time I have not only been absent from blogging but also from all the social networking sites in general ....more

Shahi Bhutta- Royal Corn curry

This curry is my new found love. Ever since I found this curry in Mridula Baljekar's Vegetarian cooking of India, I have been hooked to this curry. This curry is so simple and and so delicious that I made it twice in ten days ....more

Restaurant style Masala Dosa

Dosa- The savory rice and lentil crepe is perhaps one of those Indian foods that is popular all over the world. A crepe with a crispy exterior and a spongy and melt in the mouth interior, which encases the mildly spiced potato and onion curry, which is then dipped in coconut chutney. To me, it is one of those ultimate breakfast dishes that can keep me going till lunch ....more

Mamidi allam pachadi- Mango ginger relish

This Mango ginger relish is our new found addiction. Ever since my neighbor and friend gave me a bowl of her freshly made, lip smacking pachadi, I have not been able to stay away from it for long. I seem to have this with idlies, dosas, rice and everything you can think of ....more

Boondi Laddu

It's that time of the year again!! The time of the year when your heart is filled with inexplicable cheer. A time when there is warmth and brightness everywhere ....more