Methi nu thepla- Fenugreek flat bread

The thepla is a quintessential Gujarati dish. This flat bread can be a part of the regular meal or a snack. The theplas are great for lunch boxes or for picnics as well ....more

Restaurant style Chili paneer

If there is one thing that we order every time we eat out, it is the chili paneer. This is one dish that is a favorite with both adults and children alike. A fusion, Indo-chinese dish that can be made dry or with gravy ....more

Sabudaana vada- Tapioca fritters

Today I want to share the recipe for one of my favorite snacks- The sabudana vada. These fritters were one of the first few dishes I learnt to make after marriage. I had first tasted these vadas at a friend's place and I had instantly fallen in love with it ....more

Chilled avocado mint soup

I know most parts of the world are experiencing extended winters right now. But it is quite the other way round in Africa. Summer should have ended a almost a month ago and it should have been raining cats and dogs by now ....more

Mexican rice with Salsa

I think I have already confessed about my love for the Mexican cuisine and Salsa in this post. So in this post, I am actually taking this love one step further by making Mexican rice with salsa....more

Tamarind and carom seed Stuffed Jalapeno Fritters

I know. I know. I am giving you an over dose of chilies ....more

Stir fried paneer and mushroom

Todays recipe is an easy and a fun side dish that can be put together in just 15mins. And, it tastes absolutely delicious. I wish all recipes were like this ....more

Roasted tomato habanero salsa

Today I am blogging about one of my favorite condiments. Yes. The Salsa happens to be one my favorite condiments these days ....more

Carrot coriander soup

I am back with a recipe for a simple yet heart warming soup. I love this soup. Simply because it is one of those soups which can be made with a handful of ingredients that are readily available in the pantry and with a minimal fuss ....more

Banana Chocolate bread

This bread is our current obsession. We just don't seem to get enough of this sweet tea loaf. Purvi has been asking me to bake something with chocolate in it ....more