Eclectic DIY and Thrifted Kids Room Tour: Shared Space

Well hello all of my darling little friends! I miss you all so very much. I can't believe its 2013. It's odd to me that I started this blog just one short year ago, and how much it's grown so quickly. Thanks all for reading! For 2013, I told myself-- not a resolution, 'cause I don't really set myself up for those kind of things, but I told myself that I would commit to becoming more organized. Oh, and patient. Yes, that's it....more

8 Dorm Room or Teen Spaces Decorating Ideas

Hey man, if these walls could talk. It seems like rooms go through alot of change. Have you ever thought about this? Prob not, unless you were an awkward only child like I was. Or maybe I was not awkward, just afraid of people. That's all. Kidding! Anywho-- I'm in the process of transitioning my co-sleeping baby, into an independent mother of three-- wait, that's me. But, I will be starting the process of weaning my little one, and getting her ready for her own bed....more