A Supernatural Sausage Fest Starring Dean Winchester (Douche Extraordinaire)

Supernatural is a show with a primarily female fanbase, probably because, well, Dean Winchester is hot as hell.Seriously, who wouldn't want to watch that beautiful man drive his 1967 Chevy Impala around all day? Drool away, lady nerds!...more

Boys, Boys, Boys

Boys will be boys, I guess.That’s what we all said to ourselvesas we brushed off the leaves, pulled up the panties, pulled down the dress,wandering through sunlit trees,holding hands with the forever ones,the ones who were always meant to be. We are seventeen years oldand the wedding is already planned,we are the lucky ones, we are told.No more searching, no more nervous dates,At 2am, we are not alone.Youth be damned, we can’t wait. Boys will be boys, I know....more