my happy go lucky year in the mumosphere - part 1

I can't quite believe that it's just short of two weeks until my blog is a year old.  Simply put, it's been an incredulous and fabulous year.  November 29 2008 was the day I clicked 'publish' on my first wordpress post.  I was amazed I'd even managed to work out how to set up a blog, but compared to what was going on in the world, it was really easy....more

Hello I'm the Nixdminx from London

Hi - I'm a British blogger and based at, I'm looking for work and finding it hard to find a job so I took up blogging to while away the hours and have some fun, my stories are about me, my daughter, my new and old interests; shopping, playing, cooking, working... ...more

Organorexia - the new 'socially responsible' eating disorder

Are you a label conscious, ethical, organic shopper? If you want to know, here's a little simple quiz for you. 1. Do you decorate your trolley with Rainforest Alliance, Fair Trade and Soil Association labelled products?a) yes always, my shopping saves the planetb) maybe, depends who's lookingc) never, it's too bleeding expensive and a rip off ...more

Grab your iPod and run...there's a mad woman heading to your gym

Yep, I left off last Friday's post feeling all positive after having a major moan, and having decided exercise was the only answer, with my mind made up to sweat out my problems on the treadmill, I ran round madly grabbing lotions, potions, kit, towels and my trusty iPod... With my bag stuffed to bursting, I headed off to pump, pose and pamper at my gym.  In true Nixdminx style, what sounds like the lap of luxury nevertheless turns out to be a dog's dinner from start to finish, no matter which way you look at it. ...more