God is not a Doctor and Doctors are not Gods

Doctors, the Oracles of our health, speak the truth, the whole truth, the only truth, at least that was what I had assumed for a long time. A true believer, I thought that medicine was an exact science, and its apostles infallible. How naïve was I? Doctors are merely human beings with a little more knowledge than the rest of us, and their opinions as to our well being and our needs can be as varied as the members of their profession. ...more

The Price Of Beauty

Somebody once gave me a refrigerator sticker that says, “Good clothes open all doors”. Given that I was in the fashion industry this seemed extremely appropriate. However, if this is the case I wonder what price or how many doors are opened by beauty? ...more

Hi, I am a little lost!

Hi, This is my first forum so I have no clue how this works, but wanted to share my blog with other women and get their feedback. Please visit my site www.Tooseriousforme.com - Reality from a Woman's Point of View. ...more

Your site looks great and I love your writing.  The only thing I would change is the opening ...more