Giveaway: Step2′s New Easy Turn Coupe; The Best Ride On Toy!

Caption This Photo To Win Your Very Own Easy Turn Coupe! That's right, we're giving away a brand new, shipped straight to your house, Step2 Easy Turn Coupe. And It couldn't be easier to win. But let first let me take a minute to tell you just what makes the Easy Turn Coupe so awesome! The Easy Turn Coupe Is Saving Lives! Yes, you read it right. Saving lives. Let me tell you how. {This is a content summary only ....more

Help Ariel Goldember, An Actor With Down Syndrome, Meet Sean Penn!

Ariel Goldemberg's (a Brazilian actor with Down syndrome) life long dream was to meet Sean Penn, the famous actor who inspired him to become an actor despite his disability. So instead of sending a tweet, Facebook friend request, or fan letter to Mr. Penn he did something even more epic... Colegas (Buddies): A Film With 3 Actors With Down Syndrome Ariel played the starring role in a semi-autobiographical movie called "Colegas (Buddies)" which follows the story of three young adults with Down syndrome who decide to follow their dreams ....more

Noah Meets A New Friend (In Real Life) Thanks To Facebook!

We've been blown away by the support we have received through our blog and Facebook page. The best part about it is that we've been able to connect with people from all over the world. We have our friends down in Australia and Brazil to those who happen to live down the street from us. While we were in the Florida Keys, we had the pleasure of meeting another family we have connected with thanks to the internet. {This is ...more

A Vacation of Firsts: Flan, Scary Dolphins and Sticky Sand (And Lots Of Epic Cuteness!)

My parents were nice enough to invite us to go on vacation with them to the Florida Keys this past summer, I think it had something to do with the cute toddler we would be toting with us. :) We went to the middle of the keys called Hawk's Cay. You have seen how much Noah loves his grandma and grandpa and the feeling is mutual. They were so excited to spend a long period of time with Noah and ...more

Down Syndrome Didn’t Stop Owen Groesser From Scoring Big

(The U.S. Department of Education announced last week that sports were a civil right and schools must provide opportunities for disabled students to participate. This is a perfect example of why that's a good move. ~js)...more

Work, A Place For Family!

Here's a few things I love. 1. This little boy. 2. Being able to work in a place where family is valued. 3. Being able to work in a place full of people who love our little boy like he was one of their own. I work at a church that has multiple Sunday services, and this morning I was working with our online content up in the production room. Since my wife was working this morning I brought Noah to work with me. {This ...more

A Mother’s Womb: The Most Dangerous Place In The World For A Baby With Down Syndrome

The third Sunday of January is National Sanctity of Human Life Day and since that happens to be today I thought I’d share a few things that constantly weigh heavy on my heart. A Reminder Of Brokenness This website and our other social media channels have a wide reach and we regularly receive messages from people all over the world. Most of these messages are overwhelmingly positive [...] {This is a content summary only ....more

Some Summer Time Fun At The Rockin’ 21 Party!

One of the things we look forward to every month is our regular "Rockin' 21" parties. I talked a little bit about these parties and how the Rockin' 21 parties got a started a little bit on this post, but as I'm sure you can see from the pictures, it's basically a party.....a rocking party! (WIth lots of babies 'rocking' their extra 21st chromosome.) It's a great joy to see so many families building relationships and our children having the opportunity to build what I hope are life long friendships ....more

The Best Thing Your 2 Year Old Can Do After His First Day Of Preschool

I snapped this picture when we came to pick up Noah after his first day of preschool. Hello, can you say “heart melt”…..?!!! I love that our little boy runs up and gives us hugs like this. Like, love…love….love it!  By the way, it also looks like our son won’t have any fear when it [...] {This is a content summary only ....more

Our Son, The Ladies Man

Today was our two year old son’s first day of preschool, and wouldn’t you know he wasn’t even in the classroom for five minutes before he started to get his flirt on! Actually, this wasn’t even a flirt, it was an outright creeper move. Ha,ha! I love this little boy. {This is a content summary only ....more