Butterflies Being Born!

We've been hatching up a storm around here. ...more

Hope Bringing Hope

Recently my sister emailed me the story of her dear friend's 21-month old daughter, Hope. ...more

Creativity: Start Now

So this is where all their money is going. ...more

Rainbowtized Planters for the Family

The previous owner of this house loved to garden, winning several "Garden of the Month" awards from our tiny city. ...more

Easy, Professinally Looking Maxi Skirt-DIY

Did you know there was such a month as National Serger Month?! I only learned of it this year, or I would have been celebrating all my life. ...more

I Wish My Life Had A Soundtrack

I lay awake at nights, thinking of all the posts I ought to do, posts I want to do, believe you me, there are lots, yet this space has been sitting quiet. ...more

Crushed Cans and Katy's Theory of Ratio Relativity

Thank you checking up on me with my long, unintentional absence here. ...more

Homemade Vanilla Extract

Do you need a last minute gift for your favorite foodie?! ...more

Stella Nova: The Game

My kids are finally getting old enough where we can play board games other than Chutes 'n Ladders and Candyland. ...more

Christ Themed Advent

Maybe it's because we lived in all-carpeted apartments and houses every time I was pregnant that I can't stand the smell of vacuums. ...more