Homemade Vanilla Extract

Do you need a last minute gift for your favorite foodie?! ...more

Stella Nova: The Game

My kids are finally getting old enough where we can play board games other than Chutes 'n Ladders and Candyland. ...more

Christ Themed Advent

Maybe it's because we lived in all-carpeted apartments and houses every time I was pregnant that I can't stand the smell of vacuums. ...more

Just For You: I'm in a book! {and a giveaway}

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We spent much of it on the beach enjoying a most beautiful day. ...more

Artist Highlight: Julia Blake

Growing up in a household of artists, I'm always intrigued by other artists. ...more

Bigger Baby Bunnies and Life at Warp Speed

Back in February I asked Pearl what she wanted for her birthday. ...more

Knudsen Family Reunion 2014

When you think of family reunions, do you get shivers of dread down your spine? ...more

Make Lemonade!

Have you heard Alex Boyé's Lemonade song? ...more

Once Upon a Thread Five: You!

Sorry about my unintentional hiatus from Once Upon a Thread! You know, 6 kids, a household, and all that stuff. I'm still working on some projects, but it will be like an extended, drawn out birthday, the best kind, right? ...more

McCartney Jacket Giveaway!!

We interrupt Once Upon a Thread with a little bookmark pause. ...more